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Non geographic numbers

Non-Geographic or NGNs are telephone numbers that can offer great flexibility and a series of business communications options to all sizes of business.

As they are not tied to a specific geographic location they offer options as to where your business can be located, you chose where your call receiving locations are and what devices you want the telephone number to be connected or diverted to.

Non-geographic numbers

Call costs depend on the prefix or type of number called, not the final call destination. This means that calls can be directed to an existing UK landline number, a mobile number or even to a hosted call handling service (such as our hosted telephony or inbound solutions). Whatever works best for you!

NGNs can also generate incoming revenue from the call costs. This option is often used by small businesses to support their revenue or simply to contribute towards business running costs.

What can NGNs do for you?

NGNs provide the following benefits:

  • Flexibility on business location or locations
  • The number is portable should you wish to move premises
  • A wide range of call handling features can be easily added
  • Revenue can be generated as additional income
  • Freephone numbers can increase sales calls coming in
  • The ‘on the go’ management and fast rerouting of calls offers flexibility and affordable business continuity

Find out more

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