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Business VOIP

What is VoIP?

Avaya VoIP phoneVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is simply a technology that allows your calls to be made over a high speed internet connection instead of a regular telephone line.

Over the last few years, costs have been a bit prohibitive to deploy a VoIP solution so typically only the very large companies have made the investment but today, cost of entry has significantly reduced and opened up this fabulous technology to businesses of all sizes.

The benefits of business VoIP

There are many benefits to VoIP over traditional analogue/digital technologies. The Evoke team can help you understand which benefits are most relevant to you and if there are enough benefits to cost justify the move to a VoIP deployment:

Reduced line rental and calls

This is a driver for many of our customers. You are using a data connection for your calls and as such this can dramatically reduce your call costs and line rental. Multi-site customers can also benefit from free calls between sites.

Flexible call routing

This is one of the benefits we love most at Evoke. In a few seconds we can divert our desk phone to our mobile phone so we never have to be incommunicado. We then receive all of our calls on our mobile as if we were in the office and our customers are not aware they have been transferred.

Simple to set up and manage

Simple to set up and manage – Manage your call traffic through our easy to use online portal. Organise your hunt groups, voicemail and call routing settings through your internet browser. Our customers really love this as it enables them to take control of their telephony, without the need to be technically savvy.

Scale your channels (lines) up and down

If you want to add another line to your system, it is as simple as placing an order with your Evoke Account Manager and they get it enabled for you within hours as opposed to weeks! Not only that – you are not having to worry if your local exchange can add another line onto your system on the same number or having to budget for costly connectivity charges. This is also a dream benefit for our customers that need to manage seasonal spikes in their call traffic. Using Evoke VoIP solutions, lines can be added and removed without having to pay crippling annual costs.

Fast disaster recovery

Every business wants to ensure they are fully protected. If your office experiences problems, you can route calls to mobiles or another office/s without your customers noticing any difference. All this can be done via a simple and easy to use online portal in a matter of seconds or you can have pre-set emergency failover settings if certain parameters are reached – this one has the wow factor!

Assured number portability as businesses grow and move

How good does this sound? So, you move your business premises from London to Leicester and take your existing London business telephone number with you. Evoke Telecom partner with suppliers that have number porting agreements with most of the largest UK networks, so usually this is entirely possible. Think of just how convenient that is for you and your customers, plus it can mean cost savings on stationary, business cards and lots of other things too!

Location independent – not geographically bound

With inbound and outbound calls travelling via an internet service provider, businesses are not restricted to their hard-wired local exchange. Wherever there is a data circuit, calls can be made and received, with voice merely being an additional application delivered over a data connection.

What is more, because numbers effectively live in the cloud, they can be taken anywhere, deployed to mobile devices or even used over somebody else’s landlines. Calls can be made from one or many locations without UK geographical restriction, with your key business numbers not being restricted by location. For example a call to a 01159 Nottingham office number can be delivered to alternative offices in Leicester, Derby, Birmingham, the choice is yours.


This is the big one. As we only provide solutions from the very best vendors – our uptime is a minimum of 99.9%. This is the area you don’t want to take any chances on. There are many ‘cheap’ VoIP solutions in the marketplace but you know what they say “You get what you pay for”. How important are the calls coming into your business and is money the only consideration when looking to embrace new technologies?

How do I make the change to VoIP?

Call us on 0800 8403688 or 01509 278278 and arrange a meeting without obligation – Evoke will discuss with you if your current telephony solution is IP ready or if some changes need to be made to allow you to take advantage of VoIP benefits.

Evoke work in partnership with industry leading VoIP vendors – this enables the Evoke team to match the very best VoIP telephony solutions to individual customer requirements, whether that be an on-premise solution from Avaya or Ericsson LG or hosted in the cloud solution from Gamma.

Why Evoke VoIP?

  • Evoke will work with you to understand your business and how and if VoIP might be able to provide benefits. Is this the right time for you to move to IP or is this something that will work better for you in the future?
  • Evoke creates a VoIP Roadmap with our customers to enable the transition to VoIP to be a smooth and simple one, at a pace that’s right for each of our unique customers.
  • Evoke has stringent quality of service mechanisms in place to ensure the smooth transition of services from analogue/digital to IP and the delivery of highest quality calls. This is a key consideration when comparing our Evoke solutions to other VoIP providers.
  • Evoke’s VoIP solutions can offer your business greater communications flexibility with additional features and significantly reduced costs.

Let’s talk VOIP

If you would like to find out more about VoIP and how Evoke’s VoIP solutions and services might be able to help your business then please do give us a call on 0800 8403688 for a no-obligation chat or send us an enquiry using our enquiry form and we will get straight back to you.

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