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“Mobilise my workforce!”

Do you need your team to be contactable and effective, even when not at their desk?

The team at Evoke Telecom will help you to:

  • Ensure your team are connected, be they at the office, at home or ‘out and about’.
  • Consider if one number to your desk phone, home phone, mobile phone even laptop phone help.
  • Think about whether just one voicemail box for all of those would work for you.
  • Evaluate whether sending your voice messages to your email inbox would help – so that it is more easy to forward long or complex enquiries to colleagues.
  • Consider whether you need the ability to manage and divert your calls immediately when those unexpected events happen.
Mobilise your workforce

These are just some of the considerations we’ll review with you when looking at how we can empower your workforce on the go.

Let’s talk…

To speak to an expert without obligation about the best way to mobilise your workforce, get in touch with the team at Evoke Telecom now on 0800 8403688 or send us an enquiry using our form and we’ll get back in touch.

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