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Case study: Liz Tuccy Wealth Management

Liz Tuccy wealth management

Case study: Liz Tuccy Wealth Management

Download case study PDFAbout the client:

Based in the beautiful Charnwood area of Leicestershire, Liz Tuccy Wealth Management is an Associate Partner Practice of St James’s Place Wealth Management. Following a successful career in Stock Broking and Independent Financial Advice, Liz Tuccy was invited to join St James’s Place and her Wealth Management services Practice was born. Supporting businesses and clients in the local area, Liz and her team provide a selection of services including income and general Investment planning in areas such as retirement, pensions and portfolio management. Her Practice also offers guidance in areas such as inheritance tax, life or critical illness cover and income protection.

Business need:

As the business continues to grow the principal Liz Tuccy has been faced with the challenge of providing new employees with a role that gives them the very best possible work life balance. In order to do this she wished to explore home working whilst at the same time enabling the team to be connected back into her business enterprise from home. To this end Liz approached Evoke Telecom to see how she might enable home and remote working across her business whilst keeping her communications all joined up.


The team at Evoke Telecom identified that in providing a business home worker solution they would need to utilise existing home services where possible whilst enabling employees to successfully separate their work and home lives.

The ‘Remote Office’ solution availble via the Gamma Horizon cloud telephony product was ultimately recommended.

Utilsing cloud technology a home worker is provided with an individual Liz Tuccy Wealth Management business telephone number which is diverted to a best suited home device of their choice, be it business mobile, business cordless telephone or even home telephone. Calls in and out only reflect the dedicated business telephone number – keeping any private numbers exactly that – PRIVATE.

Each number is individually managed by the employee by themselves from their business laptop via a secure web interface. And calls can even be diverted to other team members or Liz should the need arise.

Finally, all bills go directly to Head Office removing the need for expense claims and other time consuming administrative activities.


Remote Office from Gamma Horizon has meant that Liz Tuccy can enable employees to work easily from home without requiring them to commit to the daily office commute. Calls are easily managed and can be diverted or redirected to suit daily requirements.

What is more, this solution has proved to be extremely cost effective at a fraction of the price of installing remote VPN extensions on a traditional office PBX system. Gamma Horizon Remote Office from Evoke Telecom delivering flexibility and efficiency to Liz Tuccy Wealth Management.


“We are more than happy with the service provided by Evoke, in particular, the personal and professional service of David Wardell. David and his team have taken the time to try and ensure the smooth running of our VOIP service. I have been most impressed with the level of service from the technical support team whenever we have had problems with our service. I found the support provided fantastic and the staff couldn’t do enough to help me. Issues were resolved in a timely manner as Evoke understands the importance of a reliable phone service. I would recommend Evoke to any business.”
Liz Tuccy BA (Hons) Dip PFS Certs CII (MP & ER), Principal
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Virtual PA

Case study: The Virtual PA

Download case study PDF

About the client:

The Virtual PA founded and directed by Beccy Pope provides a wide range of virtual secretarial, administrative and project services to small businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK. Services include: diary and appointment management, email management and more significantly telephone call and message handling.

Business need:

One of VPA’s largest challenges has been in identifying a flexible and cost effective solution that will enable them to professionally manage calls on behalf of their customers as they continue to grow. One of the key considerations was how they might provide clients with a tailored answering solution that could be utilsed for business phone, mobile phone or even home office phone as and when required?

They also needed a service that enables professional handling of out of hours calls without the need to employ contact centre staff around the clock 24/7/365.

Finally the founder Beccy Pope felt that she needed a system that was scalable and could grow with VPA both in terms of customer numbers and available features and functionality. All had to be cost effective such that it would be affordable for busy clients requiring a high recurrence of inbound support. VPA approached Evoke Telecom to explore options and better understand what alternatives might be available.


The team at Evoke Telecom felt that one of their ‘Intelligent Inbound’ solutions provided by either Gamma or Invosys would potentially provide both the personal and professional service that VPA required. With Intelligent Inbound solutions each client can be assigned a dedicated ‘personal assistant’ telephone number. Any of their telephones can be diverted to this number which in turn delivers incoming calls to an intelligent cloud platform. The platform then delivers that call onwards to a location of VPA’s choice. VPA have web portal access to the platform and can determine how each incoming call is directed and handled.

As a call arrives at VPA the specific name of the client being supported is ‘whispered’ ahead of call delivery. This enables the team at VPA to know exactly who they are answering the call on behalf of, ensuring a
professional and personal call handling experience every time.


VPA now have a solution that delivers announced, managed inbound calls on behalf of their clients. They have the ability to to adjust and refresh the direction and management of these calls instantly, via either a laptop or using a smart mobile device.

By utilising local or ‘freephone’ numbers they can positively impact the call costs associated with their clients existing call provider delivering best possible cost savings. What is more, the wide range of service options means that VPA are now able to explore added value service bundles for their clients. This is enabling them to deliver a top of the range PA service and increasing their return per customer.


“The new inbound call cloud platform from Evoke Telecom means that I am able to provide seamless telephone support for my clients. The clients I work with are constantly juggling their time. The cloud platform allows them to easily and quickly divert their number to The Virtual PA as and when they need to, ensuring their calls are answered when they are not available or at times when they cannot be disturbed. Evoke Telecom Services are a
great team to work with, going over and above to find the best solution for my clients needs.”
Becky Pope, Founder – The Virtual PA
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St Peter and St Paul Academy Case Study

Case study: St Peter & St Paul Academy

Download case study PDF

About the client:

St Peter & St Paul CE Academy, is situated in the Charnwood town of Syston in Leicestershire. Proud of its close links to the village church (which itself dates back to the 15th century) and the local community, the school strives via a team of dedicated staff to provide a happy and secure environment where pupils can thrive and realise their full potential.

Ever mindful of changing times, the school keeps up to date with new technologies and recognises the importance of investment where improved conditions or practices can be delivered for the benefit of both staff and pupils.

Business need:

The school had been running for many years with an old and dated telephone system. This system was offering the school little more than calls in and out and an answerphone.

As a consequence school staff often found themselves working around the system, manually passing messages where the old telephone system came up short. In particular the lack of functionality in the old telephone system was meaning that the reception and front office staff could often find themselves stretched at busy times, particularly when dealing with absences and absence reporting.


Working closely with Evoke Telecom, the team at the school, led by the Business Manager Gaylene Sanders, explored the different features that a new telephone system might deliver. Several options were reviewed to understand how they might support the day to day challenges of managing a Primary Academy. Driving a typically tight school budget, Gaylene was keen to ensure that all solutions being evaluated should deliver cost savings over the existing solution, and make sound commercial sense for the approving Senior Leadership Team and Board of Governors at the school. The Ericsson-LG eMG80 iPECS clearly stood out as the best solution to meet the school’s needs.

Telephony solution:

From the outset it was clear that the Ericsson-LG eMg80 iPECS could deliver the functionality that the team required at a pricing point that would offer exceptional value for the school. The new system would provide:

  • an Auto Attendant for helpful call routing
  • voicemail and voicemail to email
  • information or music for callers on hold
  • on demand call recording
  • a night service solution

What is more, the team was also able to select handsets suited to their individual requirements, be it full functionality for reception and front office through to simple budget handsets for school classrooms and ancillary areas.


St Peter & St Paul CE Academy now has a telephone system that directs callers exactly to where they want to go without the need for every call to be answered by the front office team.

Absences are effectively managed by the school telephone system. Reported absences are recorded and delivered as .wav files into the school office email inbox and then conveniently filed for future reference and retrieval. The new system now offers a friendly background environment, be it music or message, for callers waiting on hold.

The night service deploys automatically and offers calling and answering options once the school office is closed at the end of the day or week.

Finally, the team now have access to call recording facilities should they find themselves managing a call that might require a different form of management or approach.

All of this being delivered at a lower price than was being paid for the previous aged telephone system.

Evoke Telecom Services and Ericsson-LG’s iPECS telephony, delivering a powerful communications solution for St Peter & St Paul CE Academy.


“The team at Evoke provided a personal service that you rarely find these days. They installed a new telephone system for us with all the options we needed to ensure that our communication with parents and the wider community is effective and easy to use. David kept in touch regularly to
make sure that everything was going well and that we had everything we needed. The technicians that installed the system were efficient and friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them. Follow-up support has been excellent and we are now negotiating to move our line rental and calls to Evoke.”
Gaylene Sanders – School Business Manager, St Peter & St Paul CE Academy
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BPI OnDemand case study

Case study: BPI OnDemand

Download case study PDF

About the client:

BPI OnDemand deliver the award winning Oracle Cloud CRM solution as a part of their fully managed CRM, SFA & Business Process Improvement services. The team at BPI pride themselves in delivering REAL business savings to small, medium and large organsiations, predominantly through Sales, Marketing and Customer Services operational areas. Based in the UK, they also have offices in Spain, Germany and South Africa.

Business need:

BPI were engaged in the preparation for a major deployment of Oracle Cloud CRM with a £1.25bn multi national organisation. With presence in circa 100 countries, the team at BPI had been tasked with scoping out all Enterprise Sales process requirements ahead of the implementation. A major objective for the client was preparation for extensive business growth in the Corporate Sales arena. BPI decided to bolster their extensive corporate sales process knowledge with additional skilled resources to provide functional, team development and sales transformation expertise. Evoke Telecom were contacted and their consultancy services enlisted.


Working closely with key customer stakeholders, the team blended: workshops, video conferencing for US attendees and conference calls to pull together a full colour visual mapping board of all existing corporate sales processes. Differences were identified in the respective approaches to UK and US markets and mapped accordingly with shared and individual best practice where appropriate. The resultant output was a visio process map with supportive narrative and pictures to capture all elements on behalf of the client.


Given the complexities of scoping out processes across two separate corporate teams in two different continents, it was immediately obvious as to the benefits of having Evoke Telecom in the form of David Wardell on the team.

David was able to understand the existing picture and seek out less obvious processes and scenarios, utilising his extensive Corporate Sales experience.

Wider than the process of day-to-day corporate selling, the BPI OnDemand team were also able to get a picture of wider sales management processes such as: account and deal reviewing, forecasting and pipeline management both at direct sales and senior management reporting levels.

Working closely with existing client retained consulting teams, Evoke were also able to add great value looking forwards at future landscaping as the client team plot their transformational journey to extend beyond Key Accounts into the Corporate and Global Multinational space.

The program has been extremely successful for BPI, not the least down to the exceptional teamwork between BPI OnDemand, the client, their retained consultants and the team at Evoke Telecom.


“Thanks to David at Evoke Telecom we were able to provide a complete process improvement solution to our customer. 3 major benefits have come out:
1) Less wasted sales time;
2) Improved productivity; and
3) Keeping the global CRM project on time and on budget”
Fred Wilkinson – Managing Director, BPI OnDemand
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Lime Trees case study

Case study: Lime Tree Day Nursery

Download case study PDFAbout the client:

Lime Tree Day Nursery offers ‘a home from home’ day nursery environment for children from as young as just 5 weeks through to pre-school age, at their 3 nursery schools in Loughborough, Barrow-Upon-Soar and Sileby. The team at LimeTree pride themselves on providing an inspiring and supportive learning environment, in spacious, light and homely rooms, with a team of engaged and understanding fully trained carers.

Lime Tree Day Nursery is committed to supporting each individual child by providing a happy and progressive environment, promoting positive self identity and strong foundations, for when each child leaves the nursery to begin new ventures.

Business need:

Having securing a 3rd building at the Barrow-Upon-Soar location, the team were able to extend their services and provide an after school club for local children without impacting existing nursery space.

The team also wished to take advantage of this new space to provide some business offices for key members of the Lime Tree management team. However, it had been identified that the existing and somewhat aging existing telephony system would not be able to scale to meet these new requirements.

Not put off by this, the nursery owners saw this as a marvelous opportunity to review how a modern telephony system might provide additional features to better support their business and a three building nursery school.


The team at Evoke Telecom identified that given these new changes Lime Tree needed flexibility as to how their incoming calls were routed. A clear requirement was a routing plan that enabled concurrent and sequential call routing patterns, with senior business team members being contactable for relevant and where necessary supportive calls. Furthermore, an option to remotely access the system for important routing changes was seen as a key feature for the nursery.


Evoke Telecom recommended an iPECS system from Ericsson-LG as it would provide all of the features required at an affordable price. The iPECS provided a blend of feature rich desk telephones for the nursery school office and some key office staff, along with a series of wireless
DECT phones for the schoolrooms and for staff requiring onsite mobility.

The system was programmed to allow some desk and DECT terminals to ring concurrently, ensuring that the nursery office manager need never miss an incoming call, no matter where she might be in the nursery. And should she be occupied on another line then then the system can enable lines to ring in other locations ensuring important calls are answered promptly without delay. What is more the team also now have the ability to manage their calls via their auto attendant service, have access to voice messages and can record messages all about Lime Tree which parents can listen to should they need to be put on hold.

Finally a modem was added to the telephone system allowing Evoke’s engineering team to dial into Lime Trees telephone system at any time to make any changes that the Lime Tree team might need.

Ericsson-LG iPECS from Evoke Telecom has successfully delivered a flexible and efficient telephone system for the team at Lime Tree Nursery.


“As a fast growing business we needed a phone system that was reliable and capable of linking across 3 separate buildings. From initial contact, Evoke’s service has been exemplary. They have gone the extra mile to offer informative advice as well as providing a system that works for our business. As far as after sales, again there has been someone available to answer our queries very quickly. Thank you very much for a great system and service!”
Andrea Mardel-Ferreira – Joint Owner, Lime Tree Day Nurseries
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Morningside Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Case study: Morningside

Download case study PDFAbout the client:

For more than 20 years, Morningside Pharmaceuticals has provided a wide range of niche, high quality branded generic medicines and healthcare products to the UK and International markets from their distribution centre in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Morningside supplies NHS Trusts, pharmaceutical wholesalers and large pharmacy chains around the UK. They also work with The United Nations, NGOs and charities in helping to make a difference in some of the worlds most troubled regions. In recognition of the outstanding work they do, Morningside was awarded the most prestigious accolade for business in the UK in 2012 – The Queen’s Award for International Trade. Their mission statement: ‘to make quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the world’ is the cornerstone of their success.

Business need:

Morningside Pharmaceuticals had an Ericsson-LG telephone system that had become ‘end of life’. Continued business growth had created a requirement to add new users to this now aging telephone system and so the team contacted Evoke Telecom Services. It was soon apparent that business communication continuity was a critical requirement for Morningside.

Furthermore the team were also very keen to explore the potential business benefits that a new up to date telephony platform might bring to their business.

Solution choice:

Working closely with the dedicated team at Morningside, several vendor solutions were shortlisted and carefully evaluated for suitability, future proofing and business value.

Given previous satisfactory experience with the Ericsson LG brand and the wide range of products available in the Ericsson-LG portfolio, the iPECS platform was ultimately selected as the best solution to meet Morningside’s needs

Business solutions:

In addition to the Ericsson-LG iPECS platform the team also selected a wider range of complimentary solutions to enable their new telephone system to drive and enhance business efficiencies at Morningside. The ‘iCall’ product was selected to deliver a full suite of telephony management information. ‘Phone-link’ software was loaded on to all key business work stations and laptops to enable telephone system integration into Microsoft
Outlook. Features included desktop pop-up and quick messaging to improve productivity.

Mobility and effective remote working are absolutely key for the business leaders at Morningside. Given this a telephone at home linked directly into the company telephone system, along with an integrated ‘Phontage’ laptop softphone and a ‘Communicator’ iphone integration product were provided for the company CEO and key managers. These solutions were considered to be able to provide an improved and cost effective communication by linking the mobile devices to the company platform.


Morningside now have a solution that means they can exercise better control over call traffic and make their business more dynamic. Phone-Link and added value solutions such as voicemail to email have quickly delivered increased business efficiencies. What is more, the team have cleverly and creatively started to use iCall reports to deliver powerful management reports to their customers, increasing their service value and further strengthening Morningside’s brand.

Together Evoke Telecom Services and Ericsson-LG’s iPECS have delivered a truly reliable business communication solution to the team at Morningside
Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


“I don’t remember the last time I encountered a company that went the extra mile for the sake of customer satisfaction quite like Evoke Telecom. I am extremely impressed by the owners David and Susie, for their professionalism and the excellent customer service they provided throughout our corporation. I would recommend Evoke Telecom to any business seeking a telephony technology solution.”
Monica Huang – CIMA Dip. MA, Morningside Pharmaceuticals Ltd
“The new IPECs system indeed provided additional communication options so that communication through our telephone platform is not just limited to ‘in the office’. Thank you to the team at Evoke for the entire set up. Their hard work is recognised and appreciated here at Morningside.”
Dr Nik Kotecha – C.E.O., Morningside Pharmaceuiticals Ltd.
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The Naked Flame case study

Case study: The Naked Flame

Download case study PDFAbout the client:

The Naked Flame designs and markets an innovative range of high quality wall mounted, free standing and portable, clean burning eco friendly bio ethanol fires. Award winning and trademark accredited, the company has more recently expanded from its consumer roots into supplying a wide network of retail outlets via a national distribution chain.

Business need:

Recent changes in the profile of both consumer and business customer, different countries and different time zones, has meant that the team at The Naked Flame has had to review support and availability for its customers. In addition, senior management wanted the ability to control and direct increasing and diverse call traffic, by business entity, and to be able to access their inbound communication via a variety of endpoint
devices. This they felt would enable them to more effectively manage and support the incubation and growth of their new wholesale business


Working closely with Andrea and Paul, the team at Evoke Telecom, led by Susannah, looked for a simple, cost effective yet easilly expandable solution. Following consultation a managed inbound solution was selected and put in place as a 1st phase deployment. A new local number was secured providing a separate identity for the new wholesale division. The number can be intelligently routed and realtime managed via a mobile app or web portal to suit availability and travel plans of key directors. What’s more, missed calls are converted to .wav files and delivered as voicemail attachments into a support email inbox enabling team access and ensuring customers are swiftly supported.


Functionality available on the Intelligent Inbound Service provided by Evoke Telecom has given the team at The Naked Flame the ability to separate out and so differently manage calls from their wholesale and distribution customers.

In setting up the service The Naked Flame were able to select a memorable local geographical number, making contact easier for their customers and maintaining the local identity of the business.

Inbound routing has enabled the team to vary where they route their calls to at different times and relative to volume of calls and resource availability. Calls not coming into the main switchboard can also be routed to overflow facilities at the warehousing complex or through to outsourced answering services at the height of large customer events or marketing campaigns.

Should a customer leave a voice message, this is converted within the Inbound Platform to a .wav file and delivered into email inboxes as an attachment. This means that these messages can be managed and where necessary redirected to the best area within the business to deliver the very best customer response.

Finally, should the unthinkable happen and The Naked Flame find itself with a Business Continuity challenge, calls can be easily rerouted via a web or mobile telephone application to alternative premises or even business mobile telephones.

Intelligent Inbound from Evoke Telecom has provided The Naked Flame with a new and flexible way to manage communication, at an affordable
common sense price.


“One of the challenges we faced as a growing business with a small team was how to ensure we didn’t miss vital calls when away from the office. The Evoke team were able to give us a very simple cost effective solution that allows us to receive and make calls in a variety of ways wherever we are.
We were amazed at the options available to us and all without the necessity of expensive telecoms equipment. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Evoke for their professional approach and I know as our business grows we can further expand the services we use to grow with it.”
Andrea Riley – Managing Director, The Naked Flame (UK) Ltd
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Case study PDF download for the Childcare Company

Case study: The Childcare Company

Download case study PDFAbout the client:

The Childcare Company offers fully recognised vocational qualifications and apprenticeships in Childcare, Supporting Teaching and Learning in
Schools and Playwork using their award-winning online training programme, the Laser. Along with this online learning program they also provide full Tutor support, delivering access to teaching and learning resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where learners are guided by one of a team of expert Tutors from the moment they start their course.

Business need:

The Childcare Company have a team of key workers, including Home Based Assessor and Business Generation Management that require home working facilities. Staff members were not satisfied with the quality of mobile phone calls to learners and employers, and after spending extensive time trying to resolve this with network providers, the team decided to investigate alternative ways to make necessary phone calls. Home telephone lines were not a possibility as it would prove problematic in terms of privacy, out of hours returned call and call cost rebilling problems.


The team at Evoke Telecom immediately identified the problem as a mix of mobility, flexible working tools and number identity. The solution lay in providing The Childcare Company with a block of local geographic numbers to reflect the Langley location of head office and to flex the functionality (namely Remote Office) availible via the Gamma Horizon cloud telephony product.


Gamma Horizon Remote Office from Evoke Telecom has provided The Childcare Company with a solution that offers the flexibility of office, remote and even home working for key mobile workers.

When making a call the user is able to chose which device each call is made from as they work. For example whilst working at home a call can be made via the users home telephone, with the recipient seeing the calling number as the team members new individual business number. Returned calls are also easily managed, be it back to the home phone, a mobile, even the company switchboard, with complete control and flexibility. What’s more, dialling is easy with calls set up on the laptop with simple ‘cut n paste’ and ‘click to dial’.

By also supplying a block of individual business telephone numbers for these mobile workers the challenge of privacy between home and business
numbers has been overcome. With billing for these numbers going back directly, employees no longer have to worry about funding and recharging business calls back to The Childcare Company.

As for telephony, Remote Office enables the mobile worker to manage everything from their business laptop via a secure web interface. This has meant
that The Childcare Company has not had to invest in new kit or go to the expense of putting new telephone lines into employees’ homes and personal offices.

Finally, when a team member goes on leave or is away from the office they simply divert their business number back to the company switchboard or to a supporting team member.

Gamma Horizon Remote Office from Evoke Telecom delivering flexibility and efficiency to The Childcare Company.


“Using the new system via Evoke Telecom has made making calls now a pleasure as it is easy to use and allows me to keep a track of my calls during the day. The service provided by David and his team is fantastic and they are always there to help when I don’t understand something.”
Sarah Harden – Business Generation Manager, The Childcare Company
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Angel Case Study

Case study: Angel Digital

Download case study PDFAbout the client:

Angel is a Nottingham-based agency providing digital marketing services such as website design, SEO and copywriting.

Business need:

Angel is a small team but has seen rapid growth in its digital marketing work. In addition, the brand is expanding to offer other services such as the rental of office space throughout the UK. (more…)

Laser Learning

Case study: Laser Learning

Download case study PDFAbout the client:

Laser Learning provides an e-portfolio system with embedded online interactive learning courses to colleges and training providers in the UK and beyond. Tried and tested by over ten thousand learners, the award-winning Laser system has been heralded as an enormous success. Learners are afforded the flexibility to work at a time and a place that suits them and at a pace that they control. It comes as no surprise therefore that the Laser is being praised by colleges, training companies and learners alike as the way forward for training in the 21st century.

Business need:

Laser Learning need to be able to offer 24/7 support to their wide range of customers, even when their offices are closed. For Laser Learning a voicemail system for out of hours calls simply did not offer the access, responsiveness and customer care that the team felt that their customers need and deserve.


Chris “Ziggi” Paul, Head of IT at Laser Learning approached Evoke Telecom to see if they had any ideas as to how he might be able to offer better levels of contactability and support when his offices were closed. Together we explored the combination of a friendly and memorable local number connecting into the flexibility of an “Inbound” telephony platform. With the ability to pre-program, manage diversion & call direction remotely, plus “whisper prompt” announcing incoming business calls, we all felt that we had a solution to meet the out of hours remote and mobility
needs for the Laser Learning team.


Inbound from Evoke Telecom has enabled Laser Learning to always be contactable when their customers urgently need support. Including when the
main offices are closed.

The team have been able to obtain a memorable local telephone number and pre program their “Inbound” administration portal to suit their normal plans for out of hours contactability. This means that with no further management action they have their out of hours number diverted and delivered to designated team members in line with normal out of hours cover plans.

When they choose to change those plans they are able to redirect or reassign the diversion of their number to meet team availability and needs, instantly and remotely without fuss or delay.

They are also able to divert to landlines, home telephones, even mobile telephones to ensure that any incoming out of hours calls can follow key members of staff no matter where they are. With the additional functionality of “one to many” Laser Learning also have the ability should they need, to deliver their inbound calls to several numbers or team members simultaneously.

The final winning benefit was of course the cost. With a small monthly access charge and then low pence per minute costs for any calls that might come in, “Inbound” from Evoke Telecom is proving to be a highly cost effective solution of choice for Laser Learning.


“Evoke provided a solution that not only met our requirements but exceed them, enabling us to move our client support to the next level. They delivered the solution faster and at a lower cost than anticipated and helped us see the great potential of modern day telecoms. We are extremely pleased with the service Evoke provided to get this project off the ground so quickly. I wish I has gone to Evoke earlier rather than waste
my time with larger service providers that just wanted to push their own limited product range.”
Chris “Ziggi” Paul – Head of IT, Laser Learning
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