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Case study: BPI OnDemand

BPI OnDemand case study
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About the client:

BPI OnDemand deliver the award winning Oracle Cloud CRM solution as a part of their fully managed CRM, SFA & Business Process Improvement services. The team at BPI pride themselves in delivering REAL business savings to small, medium and large organsiations, predominantly through Sales, Marketing and Customer Services operational areas. Based in the UK, they also have offices in Spain, Germany and South Africa.

Business need:

BPI were engaged in the preparation for a major deployment of Oracle Cloud CRM with a £1.25bn multi national organisation. With presence in circa 100 countries, the team at BPI had been tasked with scoping out all Enterprise Sales process requirements ahead of the implementation. A major objective for the client was preparation for extensive business growth in the Corporate Sales arena. BPI decided to bolster their extensive corporate sales process knowledge with additional skilled resources to provide functional, team development and sales transformation expertise. Evoke Telecom were contacted and their consultancy services enlisted.


Working closely with key customer stakeholders, the team blended: workshops, video conferencing for US attendees and conference calls to pull together a full colour visual mapping board of all existing corporate sales processes. Differences were identified in the respective approaches to UK and US markets and mapped accordingly with shared and individual best practice where appropriate. The resultant output was a visio process map with supportive narrative and pictures to capture all elements on behalf of the client.


Given the complexities of scoping out processes across two separate corporate teams in two different continents, it was immediately obvious as to the benefits of having Evoke Telecom in the form of David Wardell on the team.

David was able to understand the existing picture and seek out less obvious processes and scenarios, utilising his extensive Corporate Sales experience.

Wider than the process of day-to-day corporate selling, the BPI OnDemand team were also able to get a picture of wider sales management processes such as: account and deal reviewing, forecasting and pipeline management both at direct sales and senior management reporting levels.

Working closely with existing client retained consulting teams, Evoke were also able to add great value looking forwards at future landscaping as the client team plot their transformational journey to extend beyond Key Accounts into the Corporate and Global Multinational space.

The program has been extremely successful for BPI, not the least down to the exceptional teamwork between BPI OnDemand, the client, their retained consultants and the team at Evoke Telecom.


“Thanks to David at Evoke Telecom we were able to provide a complete process improvement solution to our customer. 3 major benefits have come out:
1) Less wasted sales time;
2) Improved productivity; and
3) Keeping the global CRM project on time and on budget”
Fred Wilkinson – Managing Director, BPI OnDemand
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