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School telephone systems

Pupil reading a bookSchools and colleges of all sizes need a telephone system designed to their unique requirements. Evoke Telecom has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the education sector that could help your school to work smarter and more efficiently, be more environmentally friendly and save money.

School Line from Evoke Telecom is a range of telephony solutions that provides schools with more effective methods of communicating within the school and extended school community. At Evoke we focus on improving student outcomes and enabling schools to have access to technology that transforms the way people teach and learn.

EdFirst Listed School SupplierBenefits

Some of the benefits of our School Line telephony solutions include:

Better call handling

Callers will be able to talk to the right person the first time they call. They will also have the option to leave a message, improving parent and teacher interaction and record sensitive conversations for future reference if required. Many of our schools have also set up an absence reporting line and use Auto Attendant at peak times so office staff can be left to deal with parents, pupil’s and offer support face to face. Our School Line systems can be programmed to the exact specification of each school.

Easier communication for teachers and staff

Our School Line systems are easy to adopt, integrate, manage and utilise.

    Teacher in a classroom

  • All staff are able to have access to communications both in the classroom and around the school grounds, creating a safer and more secure environment.
  • Teachers are able to pick up their messages at a location and time to suit them, preventing disruption during meetings or to core teaching time.
  • All of our School Line systems are compatible with Unified Messaging which enables messages and recordings to be stored and managed more easily, allowing teachers and other staff to control their voice mail messages and recorded calls. Stored as .WAV files, these can be easily managed from a PC via email or even wireless technology for staff on the move.
  • Furthermore, our School Line solutions have inbuilt emergency features that allow staff or pupils to get help should they need it. For example, you can customise phones with an ’emergency’ key; on pressing this, the call will ring at any number of locations on the school property which could include reception, the admin office, security hut or anyone listed in the emergency call group.

Keeping in touch

Parents can be notified of any events, incidents or important information such as an emergency school closure through SMS or via recorded messages. Some of our schools have set up information lines so if you want to have details about particular school activities, this is a handy way to communicate them.

Pupil at home

Supporting the students at home

With Broadband Telephony, teachers can now provide additional homework or coaching support to their students. Our schools sometimes call this a ‘Homework Hotline’. Similarly with Broadband technology, teachers have the ability to work from home or at an off-site location whilst still having the same technology and contactability as in school.

Bullying management

An efficient and confidential facility for dealing with school bullying via a dedicated DDI (direct dial in) number which is pointed at a dedicated mailbox on the phone system. All messages on this mailbox can be treated as confidential.

Teaching in the classroom

Security for your phone system

The UK telecoms industry is reporting a growing trend of PBX hacking (phreaking) allowing organised crime to dial in and out of phone systems – they then sell this access on in the form of cheap calling cards. Hackers target PBXs out of working hours when they know no-one is there to monitor line usage. Schools and other educational establishments are particularly susceptible due to long holidays and predictable opening times. Evoke Telecom is able to offer cost effective solutions to protect your school against this type of crime.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery features offer alternative routing for calls into the school to mobiles or another site should there be any problems.

Less stress and reduced telephony costs

Evoke Telecom have helped many schools save money on their lines, calls, mobiles and telephone systems and many schools feel with better communication, this has reduced stress and allowed increased focus on more important tasks of the day.

Helping you meet sustainability targets:

Sustainable targetsReduced carbon footprint

Evoke Telecom are a local consolidated supplier, able to provide every aspect of communications for schools with their School Line portfolio, including calls, lines, broadband, phone systems, enhanced learning tools and integration into your SIMS pupil database (CTI Integration) for screen pops of pupil’s record cards.

Greener telephony

Evoke Telecom’s School Line portfolio only includes vendors that have the greenest options a school can choose. For example the Avaya IP Office solution will typically use 45% less energy and produce 45% less CO2 than most telephony solutions on the market.

Supporting technology in the classroom to enhance the learning experience

Media rich lessons keep students interested and help grasp difficult concepts. Through video and multimedia content, tools and streaming capabilities, students are successfully engaged in new forms of learning. Lessons enhanced through the use of voice, data and video to connect pupils to the rest of the World, provide access to resources, information and experiences like never before.

Avaya’s IP Office which is part of the School Line portfolio supports the use of technology in the classroom, allowing measurable changes and improvements in teacher practices, student engagement, achievement and research skills. AvayaLiveTM Engage expands this portfolio to offer an engaging learning environment for students. It is used as a platform to conduct ‘virtual’ classrooms and for students to collaborate virtually, without the need for study spaces or classrooms.

Introducing AvayaLiveTM Engage

AvayaLiveTM Engage connects participants from around the globe in collaboration sessions featuring 3D visuals, video and spatial audio. Multiple, free-flowing discussions can take place simultaneously, and participants can have access to and take full advantage of all materials related to the session.

MIT sloan school of management logoCase study: MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan School of Management has been using AvayaLiveTM Engage for around two years. AvayaLiveTM Engage allows real and virtual classrooms to combine – as the school found out when Hurricane Sandy hit and prevented 120 expected attendees from travelling for a two-day executive class on Big Data. The school used this opportunity to experiment with streaming the teaching sessions on AvayaLiveTM Engage, with great success.

“We were very guarded initially in case the virtual participants interfered with the learning experience of those attending in person,” said Dr Peter Hirst, Executive Director of Executive Education at the School. “But virtual and live participants, and faculty, all said this looks really interesting, and the virtual participants engaged in a very significant way.”

Dr Hirst sees the Avaya tool becoming embedded in education, whether as a complement to traditional teaching methods or as an entirely new approach.

More case studies:

Case study: St Peter & St Paul Academy

At St Peter & St Paul CE Academy, the Ericsson-LG eMG80 iPECS is supporting the day to day challenges of managing a Primary Academy.


Evoke have been an exemplary supplier of telecom services since 2015. This local business not only provides great value, but always goes the extra mile to deliver outstanding customer care and support.

James Leeson
James Leeson
Network Manager, Loughborough Endowed Schools

The team at Evoke always go the extra mile to offer the very best customer experience. I could not recommend them enough.

Kate Bridges
Kate Bridges
Managing Director, Fraser Stevens Learning

Evoke Telecom were able to recommend an exceptional communications solution for the school which we are very delighted with. The technical team were highly knowledgeable and experienced, the migration to the new system went extremely well and there were no disruptions to services. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend such a wonderful professional company that really looks after the customer from day one.

Rushey Mead Academy
Pritesh Pancholi
Head of IT, Rushey Mead Academy

PSI employed Evoke for an extremely complicated project with very tight deadlines and numerous stakeholders. It was a high risk and high value implementation that has proven to be a real success. I have no doubt in my mind that this was largely down to Susie’s leadership of the project. She managed all stakeholders and the full supply chain with an extremely tight rein whilst remaining charming and graceful at all times, even when put under real pressure. PSI are extremely grateful to the team at Evoke for doing such a good job and will look for further opportunities to work with such a high performing team.

Janet Garcia
Janet Garcia
President, PSI International

We are pleased to work with Evoke Telecom as a local trusted supplier. Their expertise in voice and data solutions is highly valued and we receive high standards of support and quality workmanship. David and the team demonstrate the same exemplary ethos as we aspire to ourselves, and Evoke's ethical no nonsense approach makes doing business with them a genuine pleasure.

Richard Smeeton
Richard Smeeton
Director of IT Loughborough Endowed Schools

The team at Evoke provided a personal service that you rarely find these days. They installed a new telephone system for us with all the options we needed to ensure that our communication with parents and the wider community is effective and easy to use. David kept in touch regularly to make sure that everything was going well and that we had everything we needed. The technicians that installed the system were efficient and friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them. Follow-up support has been excellent and we are now negotiating to move our line rental and calls to Evoke (read more...)

Gaylene Sanders
Gaylene Sanders
School Business Manager, St Peter & St Paul CE Academy

A very efficient and effective service that also helps to reduce costs - what more would any school want!

Lady Jane Primary
Sally Boaden
School Business Manager, Lady Jane Grey Primary School

Why choose Evoke to help your school?

OK iconThe education specialists within the Evoke team truly understand how to help schools improve their communications experience in line with government guidelines.

  • The Evoke team will work with your school to understand everything that makes it unique and how best to maximise the benefits of our School Line solutions.
  • Evoke is developing a loyal base of customers in the education sector largely from word of mouth recommendations within the school community.
  • Evoke are passionate about delivering against all the areas that are important to schools, colleges and academy’s like Improving student outcomes, Enhancing communication between school and parents, supporting students in the classroom and at home, Being environmentally conscious and procuring sustainable solutions, reducing costs and ensuring effective security measures are in place.

iPECS telephone system for schoolsDownload the IPECs in Education brochure

Find out more about how the iPECS range can benefit your school or education establishment, whether primary, secondary, university campus or college, and how you can save money, drive productivity and increase student satisfaction. Click here.

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Evoke Telecom supplies School Line solutions from leading manufacturers such as Ericsson LG, Avaya and Gamma to schools in the Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and East Midlands area, as well as offering nationwide coverage for our multi-site schools, colleges and academies.

For a no obligation, friendly discussion on how Evoke can help your school, college or academy improve student outcomes and enable your school to have access to technology that transforms the way people teach and learn, please call us on 0800 8403688 or 01509 278278.

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