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Ericsson-LG IPECs


Ericsson-LG Enterprise is a joint venture company between Ericsson and LG electronics, two of the world’s largest communications technology companies. Ericsson-LG Enterprise is a leading provider of cutting edge business communications solutions with over 40 years of experience in the global market, operating in over 60 countries around the globe. Ericsson LG have a combined workforce of nearly 142,000 employees, combined revenues in excess of $170 billion and a strong reputation for technology innovation and manufacturing excellence.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise focuses heavily on research and development and this heritage, ethos and market presence mean they truly understand enterprise communications and what it takes to provide reliable, resilient and highly featured communications platforms that enable customers to operate in the most efficient and dynamic way.

Bringing its premium brand ‘iPECS’ into the market, Ericsson-LG Enterprise delivers a complete product line up for Unified Communications from small to large-sized businesses. Evoke Telecom are pleased to present the latest Ericsson-LG solutions and work with our prospective customers to understand which solution best fits their business needs.


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iPECs awardiPECs awardEricsson-LG UCP

iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s unified communications platform designed to meet the needs of between 2-2000 users. iPECS UCP has recently been awarded ‘Best SME On-Premise System’ for 2014 and was highly commended in the Enterprise System of the Year category.

iPEC’s UCP (Unified Communications Platform) is a ground-breaking innovative platform that provides built in, out of the box UC and Mobility solutions (UCS Standard) and the option for additional advanced features, collaboration tools and capacity with the addition of an external server (UCS Premium).

Simple Unified Communications

iPECS Unified Communications capability is built in to UCP. Users can use voice, video, instant messaging, conference calls and visual voicemail all on one simple and easy to use platform. UC is designed to be intuitive and provide your team easy to use tools and features that can make your business communications more streamlined, efficient and flexible.

Reliable and Resilient

Total reliability is the only option for your communications. iPECS UCP is designed to deliver complete resilience through geographic server redundancy and inherent modular architecture. T-Net support also makes management very easy for both local and remote offices.

Anytime & Anywhere Connectivity

Access the power of your iPECS unified communications platform your way, regardless of your device or location using smartphone, tablet or PC applications. Mobile working becomes simply an extension to office working as you have easy access to your critical communications whilst on the move, improving business performance and supporting flexible working practices.

Integrated applications tailored to your needs

iPECS UCP is designed to offer a range of enhanced applications from Ericsson-LG and other specialist application providers. Integration into standard office applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Lync, as well as other applications, means your communications can be truly integrated.

Leverage the latest standards based technologies

iPECS UCP helps you to make the most of the latest network technologies, such as SIP, optimised call costs using WiFi or use the Ericsson-LG in-built voice conferencing to save on external conference services.

Scale with your growth

iPECS UCP is designed to deliver the flexibility you need as your organisation grows. Capacity can be expanded by a simple license which means businesses can purchase a system fit for their current needs, saving on initial cost, safe in the knowledge that expansion is cost effective and easy as the business needs change.

ericsson LG UCPWhy Ericsson-LG UCP?

Key UCP features include:

  • iPECS UCS Client Support providing Instant Messaging, Video Calls, One click dialling, Soft phone support and colleague presence status
  • Auto Attendant/Voicemail Group – built in as standard
  • E-Mail Notification – built in as standard
  • Centralised Voicemail – built in as standard (you are able to expand the voice mail ports and storage capability if required)
  • Embedded SIP – built in as standard (you are able to expand the SIP capability to accommodate more lines/channels if required)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – built in as standard
  • Web Administration
  • System Geographic Redundancy
  • Integrated presence
  • Instant messaging, SMS and Note
  • Audio conference calling
  • Video Conference
  • Click call
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Integration
  • Collaboration
  • Outlook Synchronisation
  • Easy to expand as your business grows with simple license key model and modular architecture throughout the range
  • Software support packages available to enable simple upgrades, enhancements and priority access into manufacturer technical resources

Contact us

Evoke Telecom supplies iPECs UCP solutions in the Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and East Midland’s area as well as nationwide coverage for our multi-site customers. For a friendly and no obligation discussion with one of our telecommunications experts, please call one of the Evoke team on 0800 8403688 or email [email protected]


iPECS eMG80 is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s hybrid communications platform which supports both IP (IP Telephony) and TDM (Traditional Digital Telephony).

VOIP iPECs expansion

iPECS eMG80 delivers simple and reliable telephony with a feature set that empowers your business to save money, drive productivity and increase customer satisfaction. With a range of embedded features that help your business compete and win and the flexibility to meet the needs of office, home or road based users, the iPECS eMG80 is an ideal communications solution for businesses that require a robust, feature rich telephony solution with simple and intuitive handsets and applications but don’t necessarily want to go down the route of complete unified communications

iPECs eMG80Why iPECS eMG80?

Key iPECS features include:

  • Ease of use
  • Integrated voicemail and auto attendant
  • Mobile working
  • Voice conference rooms and multiparty calling
  • Remote and home based working
  • Strong in-built applications with the ability to integrate with popular external applications such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Contact centre and call centre working
  • SIP ready
  • Wide range of handsets, smartphone apps and specialist phones
  • Voicemail to email
  • On-demand or specialist call recording
  • IP, Digital or SLT options to suit your business requirements, embracing technology at your pace

Evoke Telecom supplies iPECs eMG80 solutions in the Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and East Midland’s area as well as nationwide coverage for our multi-site customers. For a friendly and no obligation discussion with one of our telecommunications experts, please call one of the Evoke team on 0800 8403688 or email [email protected]

iPECS UCP Applications

ipecs instant message SMS and noteIntegrated Presence
  • Instant access to colleagues availability
  • Quickly find colleagues who are available and save time and money with more efficient first time contact.
  • Integrated ‘do not disturb’ presence setting
Instant Messaging, SMS and Note
  • Simply invite others with drag and drop
  • Send and receive text messages to other internal iPECS systems
  • Leave notes for offline users so they can contact you as soon as they come online
ipecs call pop up and memoAudio Call
  • Call popup shows callers information
  • Outlook popup shows callers contact information in Microsoft Outlook
  • Make quick memo’s on call within a pop up window
Audio Conference
  • Simple to use Audio Conference Manager
  • Use built-in audio conference system and as an option increase capacity with additional expansion conferencing module
  • Easy conference organisation through PC application by simply dragging and dropping required colleagues into conference
  • Useful features for conference control – Invite, Master change, mute, lock & record
ipecs video call and conferenceVideo Call
  • One to one video calls from desktop and mobile client
  • QCIF, CIF, 4CIF video resolution
Video Conference
  • Face to face conferences with colleagues
  • Max. 6 party, and eight group video conference (support only 1:1 on mobile)
  • QCIF, CIF, 4CIF video resolution
  • Quick ad-hoc conference set up
  • Meet-me conference and email notification
  • Application sharing during conference
  • Remote monitoring, still shot & recording
  • Presentation mode (1:32)
ipecs click callClick Call
  • Integrate iPECS telephony into your desktop and PC applications
  • Easy dialling from web browser or Microsoft Windows applications
Call Control
  • Manage your calls from the desktop
  • Call control with one click or drag & drop
  • Answer / Disconnect / Deny / Transfer / Hold / Park

Call control IPECS

Visual Voicemail
  • Easy retrieval of voice mail through iPECS visual voicemail application
  • Supporting desktop client and mobile client
ipecs outlook syncOutlook Synchronisation
  • Synchronisation with Microsoft Outlook contacts and schedule
  • Contacts registered to Microsoft Outlook are synchronised to iPECs UCP users private directory
  • If ‘Private’ option is activated, the schedule is not opened to the shared iPECS users.
  • Easy dialling from Microsoft Outlook contacts
Microsoft Exchange Server Integration
  • More precise schedule synchronisation with Exchange Server
ipecs collaborationCollaboration
  • File send
  • Program sharing
    • Application: Share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings in real time
    • Desktop: Share desktop screen with other UCP users
  • Web push: Share web page address with other UCS users
  • Whiteboard: Share drawings and free-form text

iPECS UCP Enhanced Applications

Every business has different communications needs and iPECS UCP is designed to be tailored to your specific market sector and organisation. Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers various applications to help you build a unified communications strategy that meets the needs of every part of your business.

iPECs integrated applicationsiPECS Attendant

An operator console which helps your receptionist or front desk staff handle high call volumes.

  • Operates without an external phone
  • Call recording / call statistics / Call history
  • Presence, short cuts and on screen call control

A call recording and monitoring solution tightly integrated with iPECS call platforms and contact centres.

  • Centralised or distributed call recording
  • Encryption enabled call recording
  • Multi-party conference call recording (up to 13 party access)
  • Trunk based call recording
  • Announcement file play during call

A powerful web based Network Management Tool designed to permit rapid response to system alarms, remote access, analyse system statistics and provide issue alarm notification.

  • Fault management and real time system monitoring
  • Web based client access
  • Traffic statistics

Integrated Applications

The iPECS open architecture means that integrated third party applications are able to leverage the full power of the iPECS platform and ensure you can build a complete solution around the platform. The iPECS Integrated Applications are compatible with both the UCP and eMG80 range of telephony solutions.

icall suiteIcall suite

Productivity through intelligence

Icall is designed to integrate into the iPECS platform and use the data and system functionality to deliver you greater insight and control of your communications platform. Five modules cover call reporting, recording, desktop call control, contact centre management and outbound dialling.

  • Log and analyse your communications
  • Customise and schedule call reports and analysis
  • Real time dashboard and wallboard displays
  • Record your calls for training, compliance and assurance
  • Simple retrieval, playback and call evaluation
  • Easily record ISDN2, ISDN30, Analogue or SIP Trunks
  • Bring your telephony to your desktop
  • Screen pop and click to call from your favourite applications
  • See colleagues presence and share a company-wide address book
  • Outbound dialler – more talking, less time dialling
  • Progressive and predictive dialling
  • Increase agent productivity and job satisfaction
  • Contact centre management module
  • Real time contact centre reporting and demand modelling
  • Manage SLA’s and monitor agent performance

ipecs phone linkPhone Link

Integrate telephony from your desktop delivering call control and full integration into CRM, ERP and specialist applications.

  • Screen popping of key applications
  • Integration into Microsoft Outlook and other industry specific software applications
  • Share presence busy status and internal messaging
  • Click to dial from websites or applications
  • Operator console to help receptionists and customer facing staff handle high call volumes.


iPECS UCP Telephone Handsets

iPECS UCP supports an extensive range of telephones such as digital, IP phones, SIP phones, DECT, Mobile Client and IP Conference phones. Evoke Telecom can help you choose the right combination of telephone handset models for your business based on individuals daily business needs, in line with available budget. Evoke also have a number of UCP starter bundles available which include some initial handsets to get you started.

All of the LIP-9000 series handsets offer full HD Voice quality. This is becoming a popular requirements for many organisations.

Ericsson LG UCP handsets

  • Designed for users across your business to access the full power and functionality of the iPECS platform
  • A cost effective phone for people that don’t use that phone that much or don’t need too much information about the status of their colleagues when making calls. This phone is suitable for a 10/100mb network.
  • Mid-range phone designed for users across your business requiring access to the full range of iPECS features and functions
  • This phone is suitable for a 10/100mb network.
  • Mid-range phone designed for users across your business requiring access to the full range of iPECS features and functions
  • 10 programmable feature keys with 3 colour LED – these are great for quick and easy access to colleagues and regularly used system functions
  • Gigabit support
  • For a few pounds more we would recommend upgrading to the LIP-9030 as you move from paper labels for your programmable keys to digital self-labelling which is a lot neater and much easier to make changes!

Ericsson LG UCP phone handsets

  • High call volume or management phone with 30 programmable buttons to quickly access features and colleagues
  • Integrated presence integration helping users see colleagues availability, providing first time connection and call resolution
  • Gigabit support
  • Digital, Self-labelling, programmable keys
  • Reception attendant handset with 40 LCD programmable flexible keys
  • Integrated presence indication helping users see colleagues availability
  • Gigabit support
  • Executive handset designed to deliver an immersive telephony and video experience
  • Full touchscreen interface with full Bluetooth integration to smartphone and Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Gigabit support

eMG80 Telephone Handsets

The iPECS eMG80 supports an extensive range of telephone handsets including digital, IP, SIP and DECT phones, mobile client and an IP Conference phone. These handsets are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users across your business and always deliver the best combination of features and functionality at the right price point.

iPECS eMG80 is designed to help your teams quickly understand the benefits and start using them as part of their everyday work processes. With simple to understand shortcuts, feature keys and LCD screen information, there is no need for complex training or laborious user manuals.

IP telephone handsets include:

eMG80 handsets

  • Touch screen executive video phone
  • Executive phone
  • High call volume and attendant phone

eMG80 handsets

  • Mid-range phone
  • Entry level phone

Digital telephone handsets include:

iPECs digital phones

  • Executive and high call volume phone
  • Mid-range phone
  • High call volume and attendant phone

iPECs digital phones

eMG80 conference phone
  • Mid-range phone
  • Entry level phone
eMG80 Conference Phone
  • ACT-50
  • Conference phone for meetings and group calls

iPECS Mobility Options

Evoke Telecom is pleased to offer the Ericsson-LG Enterprise range of mobility handsets. When looking to deploy DECT based technology, Evoke will help you create a solution with the right number of base stations and repeaters to support your mobility handsets following an on-site DECT survey to assess the type of building and coverage required.

DECT phones

DECT phones iPECs

  • TDM DECT (Traditional Digital) handset for roaming access to iPECS in your office
  • Bluetooth connectivity for headset use
  • Speakerphone function
  • Robust DECT handset for roaming access to iPECS in your office
WiFi phones

wifi phones ipecs

  • WiFi handset for roaming access to iPECS in your office
  • Seamless handover between calls during talk
  • WiFi handset for roaming access to iPECS in your office

*eMG80 only

IP DECT phones
  • IP based DECT solution designed to leverage the power of your network
  • Configure cost effective coverage across your building with IP base stations and repeaters
  • Simple to use and intuitive handset designed to support users across your business.
  • Deploy to small remote offices to support users with access to the central iPECS platform

User guide

Case studies

Case study: St Peter & St Paul Academy

At St Peter & St Paul CE Academy, the Ericsson-LG eMG80 iPECS is supporting the day to day challenges of managing a Primary Academy.

Case study: Lime Tree Day Nursery

The new iPECs system and DECT wireless phones at Lime Trees Day Nursery provide a flexible and efficient comms solution.

Case study: Morningside

An iPECS, iCall and Phone-Link solution gave Morning Pharmaceuticals a cost effective communications platform that met their needs.
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