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Avaya IP Office

Avaya officesOverview: the Avaya brand

Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, contact centres, data solutions and related services to companies of all sizes around the world.

  • Avaya employs approximately 16,000 people worldwide.
  • Avaya has 5,934 patents and pending patent applications, including foreign counterparts.
  • Avaya was also named one of the Top 100 Global Innovators in 2013, for the third consecutive year.

Industry recognition

Avaya is consistently recognized as a global leader by industry and technology experts and has achieved leadership positions including:

  • No. 1 in worldwide telephony systems
  • No. 1 in worldwide contact centre solutions
  • No. 1 in worldwide unified messaging solutions
  • No. 1 in SME telephony solutions
  • No. 1 in worldwide voice maintenance services

Gartner places Avaya in the Leaders Quadrant based on its completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Avaya IP Office Brochures

Avaya Collaboration e-bookAvaya handset selector
Midsize collaboration eBookHandset selector

TMC LabsAvaya IP Office

The Avaya IP Office telephone system is a flexible and feature rich unified communications solution for small to midsize businesses. Launched in 2002, it now has 12 million users on more than 360,000 systems deployed worldwide.

The IP Office was the winner of the TMC Labs 2013 Innovation Award for significant creativity and originality.

Avaya Vantage office telephone“Would the IP Office work for my business?”

Avaya’s IP Office telephone system would provide a brilliant fit for your business if you have 2 to 2000 users, 1 to 32 locations and you want to invest in a future ready solution with fabulous out of the box features and functionality that allows you to grow or add new technologies, as and when it is right for your business.


Some of the benefits of the Avaya IP Office telephone system include:

Packed full of built-in features: Like two 64-party conference bridges that get people talking and can save on service provider fees, call recording, automatic call distribution, video softphone, mobile and desktop video apps.

Plays well with others: Avaya IP Office integrates seamlessly with existing applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync and to make desktop communications more efficient.

Better, faster and smarter collaboration: Avaya IP Office delivers an engaging experience for voice, video, and mobility on virtually any device. Different ‘Editions’ and ‘Worker Profiles’ enable organisations to choose the feature package that best suits their exact needs.

Driving business growth in today’s economy is hard enough without having to rely on complex and costly IT communications infrastructures. But, with the right solutions, you can turn IT communication and collaboration into a competitive advantage.

Connect the workforce

With the Avaya IP Office, multiple systems can be networked together, providing VoIP benefits such as free inter-site calls, seamless feature integration, virtual agents and centralised voicemail, operator and management functionality.

Need to get a service tech to a client quickly? With geo-presence, you can track the location of sales or service people right from your smartphone.

Bring your company directory everywhere for instant access to all your contacts. Call, email, IM and check presence for more meaningful collaboration.

Enhance the customer experience

Every missed call is a missed opportunity. The IP Office provides messaging and customer interaction solutions to ensure calls are never missed.

Calls to the office ring on any designated device, so you never miss a call. Log on to any IP desk phone in the network and it becomes the user’s phone.

Get all business voice and email messages on your smartphone. With the IP Office’s visual voice mail, you can prioritise messages and respond to the most important ones first.

Reduce costs

The IP Office can significantly help lower costs with SIP trunk support, sophisticated conferencing options, advanced mobility solutions and customer service tools.

With Evoke Leasing, a full range of payment options is available to suit every pocket. Payments are typically spread over anything from 3 to 7 years. No up-front capital expenditure is required and payments may even be tax deductible.

Support for Linux or VM Ware environments

From Avaya IP Office release 9.1 onwards, there is also a ‘Server Edition’ available, designed for businesses that prefer to host their system on a Linux server or ‘Select Edition’ for a VM Ware environment. When fully configured, up to 2500 system users can be supported in an active/active environment. Traditionally these types of deployments have been for larger customers with more complex requirements but we have seen a recent increase in the requirement for VM Ware deployments in small/medium companies, particularly solicitors, building societies and technical companies.

Avaya woman working in officeSupporting your users

At Evoke, we understand that one size doesn’t always fit all with regard to communications needs. Avaya’s IP Office telephone system has an extensive range of different user types which allow customers to give each employee the right level of communication capability which will enable them to do their job in the best possible way.

This is becoming more and more important as businesses start to employ or get ready to employ the ‘millennials’ (birth year 1980-1999). The ‘millennials’ are avid technology users who expect to have instant access to easy to use and feature rich communications as standard. Millennials will typically be attracted to the IP Office features and functionality that gives them ubiquitous access to people and information at the touch of a button from any device they choose and typically they will want to bring their own device or be provided with a device that they specify.

Bring your own deviceWill you keep up with the speed of business?

That’s the question many small and mid-sized businesses face at the moment. Employees and customers are becoming more diversely located, today’s office can be a kitchen table, hotel or airline seat. Mobile devices are becoming more technologically advanced and the global workforce is fractured, fluid and moving at a relentless, furiously fast pace.

The Avaya IP Office manages the BYOD (bring your own device trend) by securely and easily integrating with most popular smart devices, bringing full desktop communication capabilities to employees no matter where they go. Employees can be more productive. Businesses can save by reducing company owned mobile devices.

As new government legislations allow for more flexible working patterns for employees that meet a certain criteria, we are also seeing increased need for businesses to invest in technologies that can allow secure access to communications technology outside of the office, to retain key employees and ensure home and remote workers are as accessible as employees in the office.

Some of the Avaya IP Office solutions that can empower your employees no matter where and how they work are:

Flexible mobility

Bring full desktop communications to your iPhone or Android smartphone devices.

Your tablet can become your business phone

Now you can make and receive business calls from your Apple iPad device; check colleagues presence and instant message (IM) to stay connected.

Video collaboration

From a built in HD video softphone and mobile video applications to full room based video conferencing, Avaya IP Office delivers powerful video options proven to enhance productivity.

Enhanced desktop communications

Streamline communications in the office or at home. Click to dial, see who’s available with presence, and sync your calendar and more. Communications-enable desktop apps like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync and

Full stack communicationsThe full stack

A key buzz word for 2018 is ‘The Full Stack’ which simply means it’s not just about the telephone system. Your telecommunications partner of choice needs to understand video, data, network security and contact/call centres. Today’s applications and business requirements merge the boundaries between voice and data and what was once siloed areas of provision and functionality, are now intrinsically linked and blended to offer dynamic and flexible working practices.

Why Evoke?

A single communications supplier can save you time and money, leaving you to focus on your business. With Evoke’s calling packages, calls made through the IP Office, whether landline or mobile, can benefit from zero or low cost calling bundles. Give the team at Evoke a call on 0800 8403688 to discuss how we can significantly reduce costs or simply send a recent copy of your telephone bills to [email protected] for a quick and easy analysis of potential savings and bundle options.

Together, Avaya and Evoke can help your company maximise productivity with intelligent communications solutions specific to the needs of your workforce.



IP Office Basic Edition

This edition is ideal for smaller businesses with simple telephony requirements. If your business has less than 20 users, you are running on a single site and you are not yet ready to make the move to IP (maybe have line or cabling restrictions) then your Evoke representative may recommend this level of licensing for you.

Key features:

  • Embedded voice mail (2 ports)
  • Up to 25 hrs of voicemail storage time
  • Voice mail to email – SMTP
  • Auto Attendant
  • Digital/Analogue phones only
  • 64 party ad-hoc audio conferencing
  • Web based management
  • Can be upgraded to Essential and Preferred Editions
IP Office Essential Edition

This level of licensing is really popular for business where good customer service is important, the business is ready to embrace IP and there may be some requirement for flexible working.

Key features:

  • IP PBX
  • 6 voice mail ports
  • Up to 40 automated attendants
  • Up to 128 party audio conferencing
  • 4 remote H.323 extensions (each endpoint enables VPN phone for homeworkers etc)
  • Dial by name
  • Remote voicemail retrieval
  • Mobile twinning (with one-X mobile essential edition client for all users)
  • Basic call control on mobile devices
  • Option: – Receptionist
IP Office Preferred Edition

This edition is recommended for superior customer service and mobility solutions as well as for resiliency in multi-site environments. Essential edition is a pre-requisite to preferred edition.

Key features:

  • Up to 40 simultaneous calls for voice mail access
  • Multi-level auto attendant
  • Personal attendants with routing options and customised greetings
  • Information on hold: promotions, technical tips, new product launches etc
  • 2 x 64 party conference bridges with PIN access
  • No limit on VPN phones (within system parameters) for homeworkers
  • Built-in recording of incoming, outgoing and conference calls
  • Supports multiple IP Office systems
  • Ability to add user solutions – Desktop on mobile device, HD video conferencing, IM/presence, calendar mining, Outlook and Salesforce integration
  • Options: – Power user, Office worker, Mobile worker, Tele worker
IP Office Server Edition

Medium sized organisations face different challenges and have different needs to large organisations. They are expected to perform like their larger competitors but with less resource and smaller budgets. As such Server Edition delivers significant value in helping to fulfil business needs and overcoming business issues.

Server Edition has been specifically designed to address up to 2,000 users on a single site or up to 32 locations. This scale increase is delivered on a Linux server as oppose to the IP Office 500v2 platform.

Virtualisation benefits:

  • IP Office can co-reside with other applications
  • Optimise data centre footprint – lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Scale is not impacted – 2,000 users

Key benefits:

  • All ‘Preferred Edition’ features
  • Centralised management and user licensing
  • Centralised management and administration of users, groups and system configuration
  • Resilient failover capabilities
  • Scales to 2,000 users and 150 messaging ports per site
  • System status alerts the administrator to any potential issues
IP Office Select

IP Office Select includes all the features of Server Edition plus enterprise grade functionality. It is targeted at the upper end of medium sized customers (1000-2500 users) with more sophisticated communications requirements, requiring a VM Ware deployment. It combines enterprise-class scalability, resiliency and security, as well as the simplicity, flexibility and value of the IP Office Platform.

IP Office Select is a mode that is configured in the core IP Office and validated by licencing.

Key features:

  • 2500 users across 150 sites
  • Dell R620 (or Virtual) required to achieve scale enhancements
  • Up to 500 voice mail ports
  • 512 Conference Channels
  • LDAP/Active Directory user synchronisation
  • High availability when deployed on VM Ware
  • Software resiliency improvements

Which edition of Avaya IP Office do I need?

Evoke can help you select the right edition of IP Office for your current and future needs. Just get in touch with our friendly team on 0800 8403688 and we will be able to recommend a solution for you based on your requirements and budget.

IP Office 9.1

Avaya IP Office 9.1 is the latest major release for the IP Office product portfolio, launched in December 2014.

What do the latest enhancements really mean for your business?

  • Scalability to 2,500 users / 150 sites with new IP Office Select offering
  • Voicemail capacity increases to 250 ports (500 IP Office Select only – requires 2 VM Pro servers)
  • Built-in web conferencing – A key new UC feature in IPO 9.1 is built-in web collaboration based on the Avaya Aura Conferencing (AAC) solution. Users will be able to leverage audio conferencing, desktop/application collaboration, document sharing and white boarding. Avaya IP Office 9.1 also features enhancements to one-X Mobile Preferred for better security, user experience and more features.
  • Branch enhancements – IPO 9.1 can be deployed as a branch solution for standalone branch offices and now includes enhancements for Avaya Aura branch solutions, making IP Office an even better option for larger opportunities.
  • LDAP user synchronisation – Many organisations use enterprise directories such as LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory to store employee basic information like user name, address, department, phone number. IP Office Select R9.1 supports complete LDAP directory integration with automatic synchronization through Web Admin.
  • Improved performance with new UCM V2 – This new, next generation integrated processor removes the need for an external server and Microsoft server licenses. This server provides TTS, MAPI EMAIL and UMS Exchange Integration. This processor requires ‘Preferred’ edition license.
  • DECT R4 resiliency:
    • Provides a high level of resiliency for DECT4 solutions in SCN networks
    • Communications continuity for businesses and organizations depending on mobile DECT solutions
    • Configurable failover threshold timers to accommodate specific installation requirements
    • Supported with all DECT R4 handsets, IP base stations (compact and regular) and IP DECT gateway
  • Improved IP Office Web Manager – this improved tool will enable easier management of the IP Office platform with enhanced user interface and extra features, making it an effective tool for managing Essential Edition, Preferred Edition, Server Edition and IP Office Select.
  • Lync Integration Enhancements:
    • Use computer microphone and speakers
    • Works with on-premise Lync & Office 365 options
    • Works with Lync 2010 and Lync 2013 clients
    • No additional Microsoft voice licenses
    • Even better security policies and more encryption with TSL/SRTP, H.323
    • Location-based time zone
    • Expanded global reach with additional localisation

Existing Avaya IP Office customers can migrate to R9.1 by purchasing an upgrade licence or under the terms of their IP Office Support Services support contract, as applicable. If you are an existing Nortel customer you may also able to migrate to IP Office whilst retaining existing Nortel Digital Handsets and cabling. Some customers decide to gradually migrate to IP Office and you can run part Nortel phones and part new IP Office phones off the same system and upgrade the handsets as budget allows.

In December 2014 Avaya announced the availability of The Avaya Software Investment Protection Policy (ASIPP) for IP Office. ASIPP can be used by customers as they migrate to IP Office. For example:

  • Customers with CS 1000 or BCM, can use the policy to migrate to IP Office, enabling new applications and capabilities for users.
  • Customers can migrate all of their licenses or part of their licenses depending on the need to decrement or decommission their CS1k/BCM

In addition to IP Office upgrades, IP Office Support Services (IPOSS) delivers: Maximized Uptime for rapid remote software and hardware support using enhanced remote connectivity for secure and quicker troubleshooting. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that their communications are backed by the product manufacturer. Customers have optimised performance with access to software packs and update, faster support, access to certified parts replacement and the right support for their specifically designed environments. Investment protection and true value for their money with access to free software upgrades, high quality services and rapid and seamless scalable solutions.

Get in touch

If you would like further advice on Avaya IP Office upgrades, ASIPP or IPOSS, please do not hesitate to give one of the Evoke sales team a call on 0800 8403688 or 01509 278278 for a friendly, informative chat. The Evoke team are also able to come and visit you at your premises to share the latest Avaya Roadmap or discuss your telecommunications requirements. At Evoke we also embrace the technology we provide so if you would like to book a session with an Evoke team member via Video conference then we would be more than happy to arrange. All you need your end is a PC, some headphones and access to the internet.

User profile

Evoke will work with you and your teams to understand which user profiles will work best for your organisational requirements and budget. Whilst retaining a single server solution for simplicity and cost efficiency, Avaya IP Office can provide flexible and feature rich profiles for users both in and out of the office. Profiles are matched perfectly to the applications and functionality required by each user to work in the best possible way, regardless of location. Some examples of user profiles have been put together below:

Office workerOffice Worker

Provide employees with all the communication tools they need to be productive from the desk and to deliver back office support to colleagues or deal with customer requests. Office Worker uses instant messaging, visual voicemail and presence capabilities to quickly reach co-workers.

  • Supports a citrix/terminal server infrastructure or apple mac computers
  • Access to personal, corporate and external directories (LDAP/Active Directory)
  • Single server solution (with web browser/client applications)

Key Office Worker features:-

  • Voicemail to email (via Unified Messaging Server)
  • Intuitive interface
  • Presence, including One-X mobile
  • Instant messaging
  • Includes One-X portal and Avaya communicator
Mobile workerMobile Worker

This simple-to-use, easy-to-manage solution lets you offer customers real-time collaboration anytime, anywhere:

Key Mobile Worker features:-

  • Never miss an important call – enables remote workers to be seamlessly contacted on ‘one number’ regardless of their location or device. The Mobile Worker profile answers customers from a business number, whether they’re in the office or on the road via call routing on up to three different devices of your choice, helping to improve responsiveness.
  • Switch seamlessly between devices – use the device (mobile, desk, home phone, PC, tablet) that’s most appropriate, wherever you happen to be working, with the same capabilities you use to stay productive in the office, including instant messaging with colleagues, presence awareness, conference calling (with full control), messaging, and more.
  • Geo-location capabilities locate and track your employees quickly to provide faster customer response times.
  • Give employees secure remote access and roaming wireless campus access to applications, people and collaboration services. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through integrated audio and video conferencing capabilities.
  • Enable rich functionality on mobile devices and web browsers thanks to a solution that’s truly integrated.
  • Manage and control communications Mobile calls can be routed through IP Office to take advantage of business calling plans and to track, monitor and record calls.
  • Easy switch between mobile twinning modes.
  • Multiple call appearances
  • Centralised call log
  • Integrated call history
  • One X mobile preferred license included with this profile
  • One number access
  • Call over 3G/4G/WIFI
  • Text to speech (requires Preferred edition & MS Exchange)
  • Transfer, Conference, Hold, Record etc from mobile phone
  • One single voice mail box to manage
Tele WorkerTele worker

Provides workers with all IP Office features and communications tools as if they were in the office – significantly improving productivity and business continuity. This Teleworker profile is essentially the same as Office Worker but you also benefit from a Softphone for remote working. If you are running a MAC environment there is a slightly different version of Softphone.

  • Includes One-X Portal and IP Video Softphone
  • Single Server Solution with web browser client applications
  • All IP Office features enabled via IP hard phone or One-X portal in conjunction with a home or mobile phone number (internet connection required)
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface providing efficient handling of calls and east access to personal, corporate and external directories (LDAP/Active Directory)
  • Presence
  • Voicemail to Email (Unified Messaging Server)
  • Video Softphone enables point-to-point real time video communications
Power User

Combining the key elements of the Avaya IP Office Mobile Worker and Teleworker, the Power User is provided with a complete unified communications solution A Power User gets automatic notification of important voice mails and emails in their inbox. Their calls ring simultaneously on all devices so power users react fast to calls and can also organise conference calls for up to 64 people.

  • Includes One X Portal, IP Video Softphone, One-X Mobile preferred and Avaya Communicator.
  • One number access
  • Remote Working (IP Office voice compression module is required)
  • Voicemail to Email (Unified Messaging Server)
  • Presence
  • Intuitive Desktop Interface
  • Text to Speech (Requires preferred edition and Microsoft Exchange licensing)
  • Video Softphone enables point-to-point real time video communications

Contact us

Let Evoke Telecom help your business understand the current and emerging trends and technologies and translate the jargon into a meaningful and simple to understand strategy for your business. Evoke provide Avaya IP Office solutions to businesses in the Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and East Midlands area, as well as offering nationwide coverage for our multi-site customers. Call us on 0800 8403688 now..

Integration and apps

Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise/SME (SBCE)

The security of SIP/VoIP connectivity is key to a successful SIP-based communications deployment. Data network firewalls protect a variety of traffic types but are not ‘application aware’. Current industry best practice for securing SIP-based communications is the deployment of a Session Border Controller (SBC) at the edge of the network.

Avaya SBCE is a single solution providing SIP-based security functionality across 2 key areas:

  1. Standards-based secure SIP trunking for Aura or IP Office
    • Highly scalable solution
    • High availability option (platform dependent)
    • Advanced UC security such as Toll Fraud – Billions are lost by businesses every year through inadequately secured SIP trunks, UC and VoIP applications. Evoke are able to offer more information in this area (click here to find out more about toll fraud).
    • Deep packet inspection (for both SIP & Media)
    • DoS/DDos attack protection
    • ACL/White/Black listing
    • SIP normalisation for SIP trunk integration
    • Call Admission Control (CAC)
    • Quality of service marketing and tracking
    • DTMF manipulation
    • NAT Traversal (Both near and far end) topology hiding
    • RFC 5853 Compliant
  2. Advanced Services Features
    • VPN-less Remote Worker connectivity
      1. Validate and securely support remote/mobile workers or the extension of Avaya UC services
      2. Support near and far-end NAT
    • Encryption Services
      1. SIP TLS TCP, UDP
      2. sRTP RTP
    • Media Replication
      1. Ability to fork media to a recording device
    • Support now included for SIP Scopia XT series clients
Deployment footprints available:
  • Single server platform supporting up to 6,000 sessions
  • Dual server platform supporting up to 6000 sessions (High availability (HA) option (Element Management System (EMS) required)
  • Virtualised – 250 sessions per VM instance (min release 6.3)
  • SBCE for IP Office supporting up to 500 sessions
  • Minimum IPO 8.1 (HA supported from IPO 9.1)
  • Avaya SBCE for SME (requires Avaya IP Office Software Version 8.1 Minimum)
  • Small Community Networking (SCN)

Many small businesses are spread across a number of offices, each with the same communications requirements. To ensure high levels of productivity and customer service are maintained. SCN enables up to 32 IP Office systems to be networked together, enabling workers to seamlessly collaborate and communicate between disparate office locations.

Some benefits of SCN:

  • Resilient SCN: If an IP Office site is down or workers are unable to access the site, IP phones can re-register to another IP Office (Preferred Edition required)
  • Reduce call costs: Utilise the IP Network to route calls between offices
  • Scalable: Up to 1,000 users across 32 sites (up to 2,000 users across 32 sites with Server Edition and 2,500 users across 150 sites with Select Edition)
  • Distributed Hunt Groups: This allows you to group similar skill sets across multiple locations
  • Remote Hot Desking: Allows users to move between Avaya IP Office locations with no loss of features. Easy to re-locate key workers removing the cost and disruption of re-training and re-hiring
  • Centralised Features: With SCN user presence status and corporate directory are shared between sites
  • Centralised resource and remote system management
Voicemail Pro

Voicemail Pro is included with IP Office Preferred Edition

  • Allows message handling for individuals or groups
  • Provides information to callers
  • Voicemail to email
  • Inbound call assistance:
    • Delivers messages as soon as they are left
    • PIN code security
  • ‘Whisper Announce’
  • Assisted Transfer: call returns to Voicemail Pro automatically should the called party be engaged or not answer within a pre-determined time
  • Extended personal greetings based upon user availability
  • Personal numbering & distribution lists
  • Group messages broadcasts
  • Audiotex and Auto Attendant
  • Queue Announcement
  • Speaking Clock
  • Automatic and on-demand call recording
  • Voice forms/questionnaire mailboxes
  • Tag information to a call and deliver it to an agent
  • Visual Basic Script support
Voicemail Pro modules:
  • Trigger external actions (e.g. office heating)
  • Automatic detection and routing of Fax calls
  • Intuity emulation mode
  • 22 supported prompt languages
  • Centralised voicemail within a multi-site IP Office environment
  • Networked Messaging
  • Up to 30 Ports
  • Text to speech
  • Optional extra – Contactstore (In addition to Voicemail Pro) compliments the IP Office recording capabilities & stores and catalogues the recordings. If your business needs legally compliant recording, please speak to the Evoke team and they will be able to offer alternative solutions that meet specific legal criteria.
Microsoft Integration

Avaya IP Office Lync Plug in …

  • Provides telephony capabilities for Lync via IP Office
  • Works with Lync Server-side (on premise) or Office 365 (hosted) deployments
  • No need to invest in additional MS licences – Microsoft Standard CAL are sufficient
  • Operates in ‘Phone Mode’ only (utilises CTI control over deskphone) and does not support any soft-client functionality

IP Office Outlook Plug In …

  • Embeds a subset of one-X Portal functionality into Microsoft Outlook
  • Included with Office Worker, Teleworker or Power User
  • Improved productivity through more effective collaboration with the delivery of IP Office UC functionality direct to Outlook
  • Better customer service through improved first time query resolution with Federated Presence (with Google), click to call and voicemail management in Outlook Plug In…

  • Enables business users to have telephony call control direct from the portal.
  • Included with Office Worker, Teleworker or Power User profiles.
  • Instant access to information means that employees are more professional and responsive to customer demands and do not have to waste time asking for basic customer details, helping reduce the call handle time.
Web Collaboration

Avaya IP Office comes with in-built web collaboration tools. This is an additional license above Office Worker but you don’t need this for every worker/user on the system, for example you could have your Avaya IP Office configured for 50 Office Worker users but only enable 10 of these to have web collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Audio Conferencing – Escalate from an audio call to web collaboration
  • Desktop Application Collaboration – Application sharing on Windows
  • Document Sharing
  • White Boarding
  • Document Library – Allows participants to view the material at their own pace
  • Reports – Can archive the meeting minutes and chats
  • Supported in Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari

Find out more

Let Evoke Telecom help your business understand the current and emerging trends and technologies and translate the jargon into a meaningful and simple to understand strategy for your business. Evoke provide Avaya IP Office solutions to businesses in the Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and East Midlands area, as well as offering nationwide coverage for our multi-site customers. Call us on 0800 8403688 now.

User clients

Avaya Communicator for iPad and Windows

Avaya communicator

This is a collaboration software client which delivers an innovative interface for real time communications.

This client application is supported with Preferred Edition, Server Edition and IP Office Select. The Avaya softphone license will give telephony only features whereas the Power User or Office worker license allows access to all features.


This is a GUI based, soft console client designed to provide the tools to enable efficient and effective call handling for single sites or multiple locations (up to 32 offices from one location).

This client application requires minimal training and is intuitive and easy to use. You can annotate certain calls with a specific script – example important customer to ensure a professional and appropriate greeting is delivered.

You are able to have up to 4 Receptions per IP Office system.

This client also supports door open control for up to 2 door entry systems (door entry systems not provided).

Key Receptionist Features:-

  • DDI (Direct Dialling Inwards) and CLI (Call Line Identification) based script creation for incoming calls.
  • Manage up to 8 queues and 16 park slots
  • Create and control conference calls
  • Up to 100 call history entries
  • Manage voicemails and change call forwarding options for colleagues/management
  • Integration with MS Outlook – we really like this feature at Evoke as you can search all of your Outlook contacts
  • Speed dial icons and presence status of all IP Office users (within SCN – Small Community Networking) For different sites that are covered by one Receptionist, we recommend a separate tab for each site to make it easier to locate people but your Evoke representative will work with you to ensure Receptionists covering multiple IP Office networks are set up in the very best way.

*Receptionist is supported on Preferred, Server & Select licensing

One-X Portal

One X Portal

  • Enables workers to control a telephone from a networked PC.
  • Accessed via web browser
  • Single server solution
  • Included with Office Worker, Teleworker and Power User
  • Citrix/terminal server infrastructure or Apple Mac computers
  • Telecommuter mode (for field workers) voice path is allocated via PSTN or mobile number
  • Calendar Mining (Outlook setting)

One X screen

Key features of One-X Portal:

  • Efficient handling of incoming/outgoing calls
  • Access to personal, corporate and external directories (LDAP/Active Directory)
  • Integration with Web Conferencing (moderator + participant)
  • Conference scheduling with calendar/list view
  • Users can change passwords and voicemail passcodes
  • Voicemail management
  • Federated presence via Microsoft Exchange and Googletalk
  • Presence with customised message and instant messaging
  • Hunt group queue gadget available – enables a user to configure the hunt groups to monitor and pick up any call from queue.
One-X Mobile

One X Mobile

Two applications delivering mobile benefits depending on the need of the employee

One-X Mobile Essential: cost-effective, server-less mobility solution intended for mobile users who only need voice-based capabilities. To explain how Avaya One-X Mobile Essential works in simple terms – A call comes in and rings at a user’s desk and at a time pre-determined by the user – this can then forward automatically to their mobile. What’s really great is because the user’s desk phone is twinned with their mobile phone using software, the software enables the mobile phone to effectively become like a phone in the office so using the * and # function keys, a call can be placed on hold by the user and transferred to another extension on the system.

Key Benefits of One-X Mobile Essential:

  • No need for additional server
  • Mobile twinning with office desk phone – this is great for one number access but also it means you don’t need to give employees mobile numbers out to customers/clients as the office number can be presented for all calls. You can also manage mobile phone bills more effectively by routing all calls via the telephone system. This can reduce costs for travelling and remote workers and also simplify and control the expenses process.
  • IOS 3.X, Symbian, Windows Mobile
  • Included with Essential Edition for all users

One-X Mobile Preferred is an enhanced version of One-X Mobile Essential, providing rich UC capabilities designed to give mobile users quick access to multiple forms of communication such as VoIP calls or calls over the 3G/4G networks.

    • Integrated server based solution
    • Included with Mobile Worker and Power User (Preferred Edition required)
    • Secure TLS, SRTP support and password change by user
    • Multi-modal communication (IM/Presence, Geo location (yes you can see exactly where your sales team are located at any one time), visual voice mail (callers can leave a message and you can intercept important calls mid message if required), voice call control, conferencing, call recording button)
    • Corporate directory
    • Auto fall back from VoIP to mobile and move active call from One-X mobile to desk phone
    • iOS and Android app consistency
    • iOS 5, 5S, 6, 6+, Touch (iOS 5.x and above)
    • Android for Samsung Galaxy S3/4, HTC one-S, LG Optimus E975

The team at Evoke can help select and recommend the best business options for you, taking into account what functions your office/remote workers are responsible for and how flexible and dynamic their communications requirements need to be. Every business is different and at Evoke we find that each business has completely different drivers for using and enabling their workers with technology and solutions to enhance and improve the way they work.

IP Office Video Softphone for Mac

PC Telephony client enhancing communication and collaboration for remote workers, providing an easy-to-use application for managing voice and video communication.

  • Support of wireless headsets with full hook-switch
  • Reduce cost by routing calls over the IP Network
  • Support for English, Spanish, French and Russian
  • Type a phone number or contact name to make a phone/video call
  • All instant messaging in one window
  • Multiple tabs (call, contacts, logs)
  • Contact search and list of actions available per contact (audio/video/IM)

Licence requirements for IP Office Video Softphone for Mac

  • IP Office Video Softphone Mac can be purchased with a new licence called IP Office Video Softphone Mac
  • Existing customers can use the older versions on their respective supported operating systems after IP Office upgrade to 9.1. However, Avaya will not distribute the older versions of the Mac and Windows softphone
  • Existing customers that used the IP Office Video Softphone Mac (through purchase of Teleworker or Power User or Mobile Worker Upgrade or Power User Upgrade licenses) are also entitled to use the new version of the Mac client after the upgrade to IP Office 9.1
  • Both new and existing customers using the new Mac softphone must use it on supported Mac OS versions 10.8 or 10.9

Find out more

Give the team at Evoke a call on 0800 8403688 to discuss how the Avaya IP Office could work for your business.

Together, Avaya and Evoke can help your company maximise productivity with intelligent communications solutions specific to the needs of your workforce.


Avaya Contact CentreContact centre

Working closely with our customers, the team at Evoke understand that customer experience has evolved.

Contact Centre Managers are constantly being pressured to deliver high-quality customer service, improve productivity, and cut costs as they deal with intense competition. They view technology as business critical to compete and grow successfully. They are looking for contact centre solutions that will:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Increase sales and revenues.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Increase agent productivity and contact centre efficiency.
  • Support new customer contact channels (multichannel; e.g., Web chat, text,
    IM, in addition to voice).
  • Transition support silo(s) to a unified experience strategy.
Midmarket Contact Centre Trends

Supporting multichannel communication in the contact centre is more than a “want” – it has rapidly become a “need.” Today, businesses are looking beyond traditional voice-based contact centre solutions. According to a Forrester research study, 34 percent of midmarket companies plan to add multichannel integration in the next 12 months. This trend is predominantly driven by customers, who are accustomed to communicating how and when they want to, using the device of their choice.

Consider, too, the critical role of the contact centre agent. In today’s increasingly mobile workforce environment, they may either need to work in a centralised location, distributed across multiple locations, or in line with flexible working practices, working from home. These factors highlight the critical need for efficient, effective training and flexible, powerful, easy-to-use agent management solutions.

Therefore, midmarket spending on contact centre technology is driven by:

  • The demand for multichannel options to support their agents and enable them to provide better customer service.
  • The need for advanced software to manage agent performance and productivity.
A Multichannel Platform: The Competitive Edge

A multichannel contact center platform is a requirement for truly competitive service—both to reduce costs and to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Improving efficiency: Providing effective channel alternatives can result in a call volume reduction of up to 30 percent, allowing agents to serve customers more efficiently.
  • Meeting customer expectations: 78 percent of consumers want to be able to communicate with companies via multiple channels.
  • Improving customer satisfaction: 68 percent of customers expect the information they give an organization in one place (e.g., its website) to be
    available in another; preserving customer information across channels can improve customer satisfaction by up to 50 percent.

82 percent of Millenials report that they will buy more from companies that make it easy to do business.

Avaya Contact Center Solutions for IP Office

Avaya is well positioned to meet the needs, requirements, and challenges of midsize businesses with Contact Centre Solutions for IP Office that:

  • Are optimised for use with IP Office software.
  • Enable blended multichannel capabilities.
  • Enhance customer experiences to increase revenue and customer
    lifetime value.
  • Can improve agent efficiency to reduce costs.
  • Are part of the comprehensive suite of Avaya collaboration solutions
    for the midmarket.
Avaya Contact Centre ManagerAvaya IP Office Contact Centre

Designed for the small and midsize business, Avaya IP Office Contact Centre can be deployed at a single location or across up to 32 networked locations supporting five to 100 agents. Agents can be physically located in a single office, at multiple locations across the enterprise, or at home with “in-office” capabilities for maximum flexibility and 24-hour support. Avaya IP Office Contact Centre supports voice, email, and web chat channels for optimal accessibility.

Avaya IP Office Contact Center benefits include:

  • Enhanced customer experience: Skills-based routing enables the system to
    intelligently route customer inquiries to the most appropriate agent or service
    based on availability, communication channel, expertise, and past
    experience—reducing wait times, eliminating excessive transfers, and
    minimizing customer frustration.
  • Optimized agent utilisation: The customizable agent desktop includes simple-to-use call control features designed to speed across multichannel transactions whether answering a call, replying to a web chat or e-mail. Wallboards keep the agents informed of current traffic condition’s and can simply log out of one group and into another to help out. When inbound traffic is reduced, agents can automatically start outbound calls to maximise productivity, and increase sales revenue. Self-service solutions are packaged with the included IVR—giving agents more time to deal with live voice calls and reducing wait times. Every agent voice license also includes a preferred edition port for call recording purposes, making it extremely cost effective.
  • Powerful supervisor desktop: Supervisors have complete visibility and control of the contact centre—in real time and over time, with comprehensive historical reports for all channels so they can react to situations, even remotely logging agents in and out of groups and channels to ensure optimum customer service.
  • Call Recording: Call recording is a vital addition to any contact centre, with IP Office Contact Centre, every agent includes a preferred edition port recording every call or a random selection. Supervisors can retrieve calls based in CLI, DID, agent ID etc.

Why choose Avaya?

Avaya is a leading global provider of next-generation business collaboration and communications solutions, providing UC, real-time video collaboration, contact centre, networking, and related services to companies of all sizes around the world.

Avaya has number one market share globally with 30.5 percent and has been named a leader in the Contact Center Solutions Gartner Magic Quadrant for the last 13 years.

Avaya helps our customers bring people together with the right information at the right time in the right context, enabling business users to improve their efficiency and quickly solve critical business challenges.

Because Avaya’s solutions are based on open standards, our customers can decide what works best for them.

Why choose Evoke?

Working with the Evoke team, Our objective is to really understand your business and your key drivers and requirements, empower your contact centre to give customers and agents the best experience possible—regardless of the devices, locations, or communications channels they choose.

Speak to one of the Evoke contact centre team today for further information.

IP Office endpoints

The IP Office has a wide range of handsets available to meet the needs of each of your users. These include:

IP Office phones

IP Desk phones
  • 1603–i
  • 1608–i
  • 1616–i
  • 9601
  • 9608 / 9608G
  • 9621G
  • 9641G
  • E129 SIP
Digital Desk Phones
  • 1403
  • 1408
  • 1416
  • 9504
  • 9508
  • 9404
  • 9408
Wireless Phones
  • 3720 DECT
  • 3725 DECT
  • 3740 DECT
  • 3749 DECT
  • 3645 Wi-Fi
  • 3641 Wi-Fi
Conference Phones
  • B149
  • B159
  • B179
  • B189

We also have a wide range of Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser headsets to match and complement the above handset selection.

PDFDownload our handset selector brochure

How can we help?

Give the team at Evoke a call on 0800 8403688 to discuss any of our headsets, handsets or systems and to find out which are the best options for your needs.

Together, Avaya and Evoke can help your company maximise productivity with intelligent communications solutions specific to the needs of your workforce.