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Powered by Avaya IP Office – Your Way

With an installed base of over 600,000 systems and millions of customers worldwide, IP Office is one of the most widely deployed solutions on the market.

Avaya builds open, converged and innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration – in the cloud, on site, or a hybrid of both. You can design IP Office your way by choosing from one of the 3 deployment options to best suit your business requirements.


Avaya IP Office On-Site

2 - 3000 users

Up to 150 networked locations


Avaya IP Office Virtualised

100 - 3,000 users

Up to 150 networked locations


Avaya IP Office Cloud

2 - 400 users

Up to 400 networked locations

Avaya business phone systems
Option 1:

IP Office On Site

From 2 - 3,000 users across a maximum of 150 networked locations, Avaya IP Office is a simply brilliant solution for businesses large and small looking for a cost-effective, modular and secure communications solution.

Avaya IP Office offers a series of deployment options, platforms and editions illustrated in the table below.

Avaya IP Office supports Analogue, ISDN or SIP Trunks.

Basic Edition IP500 V2 2 - 30 Simple digital solution with voicemail.
Essential Edition IP500 V2 2 - 99 For essential team and mobile engagement on a simple to deploy appliance
Preferred Edition IP500 V2 21 - 250 For robust team, mobile and customer engagement on a simple to deploy appliance
Server Edition Linux server, IP500 V2 and Linux expansion 100 - 2,000 For robust team, mobile and customer engagement on a software based solution
Select Edition Linux server, IP500 V2 and Linux expansion 100 - 3,000 For robust, larger scale team, mobile and customer engagement with higher resiliency on a software based solution
Server Edition or Select Edition (with virtualised software) Virtualised 100 - 2,000 or 100 - 3,000 For robust team, mobile and customer engagement on a software based solution or larger scale with high resiliency with the Select offering

Solution checker:

IP Office 500 On site
  • I have between 2 and 3,000 users in my business across up to a maximum of 150 networked locations.
  • I prefer a physical server running my telephony on-site.
  • I would like to CAPEX or OPEX my telephony solution, so I don’t have to pay for it forever.
  • I don’t yet have brilliant Broadband in my area (IP Office supports all line types).
  • I run a business-critical operation and cannot afford to lose telephony at any point.
  • I need a contact centre recognised as a leading solution in the Garner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide (optional add on).
  • I want to deploy WI-FI phones (hosted = IP DECT only).
  • I need robust voicemail capability with unified messaging.

Some or all of the above may apply.

Case studies: IP Office On Site

Reeseheath College VOIP phone system case study

Reaseheath College

UK College upgrades to IP Office Server Edition to increase capacity and benefit from new capabilities.

Rushy mead VOIP phone system case study

Rushy Mead Academy

An exceptional communications solution for the school to modernise their outdated telephone system.

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Avaya solutions
Option 2:

Avaya IP Office Virtualised

Avaya IP Office Server Edition and its applications support VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon AMI and Google KVM virtualised environments.

Avaya IP Office Virtualised provides all features and functionality of the Avaya IP Office On Site solution with the flexibility to install using your own corporate standard server and methodology. Server/s can then be located either on site or within an Evoke or customer data centre/s of choice or a mixture of both for resiliency.

Avaya IP Office Virtualised is supplied with either Server or Select Edition software.


Avaya Virtualised

Solution checker:

IP Office Virtualised
  • I need between 100 and 3,000 users.
  • I want to purchase a software only solution.
  • I don’t want to pay ongoing monthly subscriptions.
  • I want complete control of my communications environment.

Some or all of the above may apply.

Case studies: IP Office Virtualised

Loughborough Endowed Schools Case study

Loughborough Endowed Schools

With Evoke's help, LES became the first school group in the UK to introduce Avaya’s Smart Campus solution, enabling instant communication to every classroom and providing rapid lockdown in the event of emergency.

Evoke Telecom Testimonial

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Avaya business phone systems improve productivity
Option 3:

Avaya IP Office Cloud (Avaya OneCloud UCaaS)

There are oodles of hosted solutions on the market at varying prices and quality so what’s different with Avaya One Cloud UCaaS?

  1. Avaya OneCloud UCaaS uses leading-edge container technologies to give cost and deployment advantages over other cloud offers.
  2. It’s not a ‘one size’ fits all solution. You start with a core subscription which includes Telephony, Voicemail and Auto Attendant with AI features and add on additional features, only if you need them for applications like Call Recording and historic or real time Call Reporting.
  3. The feature rich J Series Avaya phones really set this solution apart from the others.
  4. You are not financially penalised for using your own existing IP Phones.
  5. If you don’t want physical phones on desks, the Avaya UC application for smart phones and PCs is amazing.


With Avaya UC, you can:

  • Take communications and collaboration with you across apps, browsers and devices.
  • See your day at a glance.
  • Simplify audio and video conferencing.
  • Create a competitive advantage with contextual communication and collaboration capabilities.

Solution checker:

Avaya IP Office Cloud Phone System - OneCloud UCaaS
  • I want a predictable monthly cost without large upfront fees.
  • I want a modular system where I only pay for the features that I need.
  • I have great broadband in my area (we recommend FTTC & above) and I don’t require any analogue or digital lines or devices.
  • I love stylish, easy to use IP phones.
  • I need between 2 and 400 users.
  • I would like the option for historic or real time reporting.
  • I don’t have the time or staff to spend ages monitoring or maintaining my system.
  • I want my system to be automatically up to date for software and security patches.
  • I don’t want to own any physical kit, outside of my phones and I might want to use my own existing IP phones.
  • I want to be able to easily integrate with applications such as Google, Office 365 and

Some or all of the above may apply.

What do Evoke include with Avaya OneCloud UCaaS?

SIP Trunks deployed to Cloud

A free UK standard and mobile minutes package

Option for inbound call statistics using SIP Trunk Call Manager

A free high-quality handset per user (min term applies)

Installation and go live support (configuration only for customer self-installs)

Case studies: Avaya OneCloud UCaaS

Stacey Cohen Design


  • Present professional image to clients
  • Provide world-class customer service
  • Boost staff availability and responsiveness

Value created by Avaya OneCloud UCaaS:

  • Ability to portray a more professional front to existing and potential clients
  • Affordable, cloud-based solution that will grow with the company
  • Improved client satisfaction thanks to increased employee availability

Credit: Avaya

IP Office Cloud Phone System Case study

Interested in Avaya IP Office Cloud, or want to know more?

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Avaya Tech

Avaya Devices, Phones and Multimedia

An essential part of the Avaya experience is the impressive complete line of phones and devices. This portfolio has been completely refreshed over the past two years – Avaya has introduced over 20 new phones and devices!

Avaya's mission is to bring the personal smart phone experience to the employee desktop in a way that makes sense for business. While others view UC devices as a logical extension of the UC platform outward, Avaya views them as a logical extension of each worker.


Desktop phones

Avaya J179 business phone

Avaya IX IP Phone J179

Premium desktop experience

  • Leverages your enterprise IP network to deliver sophisticated voice communications from headquarters, remote locations, or home offices.
  • Targeted for knowledge workers that need the full range of features and advanced capabilities (Bluetooth, Wi—Fi®).
  • Integrated functionality with the Avaya Aura® and IP Office™ platforms.
  • Optimises communications through a flexible architecture that leverages existing investments and accommodates changing business needs.
  • Use with Avaya IP Office and approved third party call control platforms.

Hotel and hospitality phones

Avaya H249 Hotel phone

Avaya IX Hospitality Phone H249

Instantly personalise your hotel guest experience!

  • Avaya’s new Hospitality line of smart devices brings a new level of personalization to the hotel guest experience—enabling new capabilities such as a personalized welcome message with custom graphics as well as one—touch access to co—workers or family members staying in other rooms—Takes the Guest Experience to a Whole New Level!
  • Designed to deliver a customised experience for hotel client desks or other work areas and guest rooms.
  • 3.5 Inch (480 X 320) full color customisable display.
  • Web Interface for remote personalisation!
  • USB Port for phone / device charging.
  • Call Transfer, Call Holding, Call Waiting, Predial, MWI, Barring function for outgoing calls, Do not disturb, Auto Answer, CLIR (rejects anonymous calls), CLIP (to make an anonymous call), Call Logs.
  • 6 Programmable soft keys.
  • Choice of power over ethernet or power supply.
  • Full duplex, hands free speakerphone.
  • Avaya IP Office, Avaya approved third party platforms.

Multimedia devices

Avaya K165/K175 Business phone

Avaya Vantage K165/K175

Video phones

  • Multimedia communications devices with bright, crystal clear display—built for simple, instant, natural engagement.
  • Signature audio excellence, unique modular design that provides 9 different form factors—including an all—glass capacitive touch screen, an optional corded or cordless handset, and more.
  • Simplified end user experience - Use Avaya VantageTM Voice Assistant to play your favorite song, get latest stock prices, weather information or simply call into your next meeting!
  • Designed for the professional desktop, great for open office environments—this set is not just for executives!
  • Completely customisable - able to quickly deliver new vertical experiences.
  • Access Millions of Android applications.
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