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Superfast broadband

In today’s fast paced business world, fast communications are essential to be able to compete. Superfast broadband gives your business the ability to work faster, smarter and more cost effectively, in a variety of ways. There are a huge range of services and applications that can help to streamline your business, and these require a lightening fast internet connection. This is exactly what superfast broadband gives you.

Superfast broadband illustration

Superfast vs ADSL

Traditional ADSL broadband services are carried along copper cables all the way from the exchange to a green street cabinet and then ultimately to your offices. The signal suffers attenuation (e.g. the opposite of amplification) as it travels along the copper cable which reduces the speeds that can be delivered. The signal is also prone to interference and the longer that the line is, the more problems you will experience both with speed and reliability. This can have a significant impact on the speed at which your team can work, and use particular services. On such a connection, some services – VOIP for example – can be practically unusable.

Superfast broadband is implemented using Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) which creates a fibre path between the cabinet nearest to your business (like the old green cabinets you will be familiar with, only not the same ones) and the exchange, which is then connected to a standard phone line. The final stage of the journey still has to use a copper cable between your office and the cabinet but because this is much shorter than the traditional set up, Fibre to the Cabinet allows for far quicker speeds than a traditional ADSL service.

Let’s talk speed

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