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Do you have more than one site and wish to connect them all together in a single, secure, fast and cost effective private network?

Do you need the flexibilty to be able to add new sites or offices to your network quickly and securely?

Or perhaps you are already running a WAN (Wide Area Network), using point-to-point circuits or an internet based VPN and are considering an MPLS based IP VPN solution as an step up to greater performance and security?

Then it might well be that an MPLS network is the answer that you are looking for.


MPLS or Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a highly manageable solution that enables multiple offices or networks to be connected via a virtual or physical network that is only shared with authorised locations. This network enables packets of data get where they’re supposed to, via a sensible route, ensuring that packets are prioritised appropriately.

What can an MPLS network do for your business?

  • Improved User Experience – you can prioritise time-sensitive traffic such as voice calls or mission critical data by applying different Class of Service (CoS) settings to different types of traffic.
  • Improved Bandwidth Utilisation – by putting different types of traffic on the same link, you can manage your settings to let your high priority traffic borrow capacity from lower priority traffic whenever required. Or conversely you can let lower priority traffic utilise bandwidth usually reserved for higher priority traffic when that capacity is not being used.
  • Reduced Congestion – by utilising sophisticated routing, you can reduce your data latency (the delay in sending and receiving data) delivering a fast and efficient private network.
  • Increased Efficiency – clever configuration can make two sites act as if they are tranferring data over a single cable, the different routes taken on the journey (or “hops”) hidden from performance or view.
  • Scalability – it’s easy to add additional sites to the your VPN (Virtual Private Network) a there is no need to configure a complex mesh of tunnels and connections, as is common to more traditional approaches.

If you are looking for a high quality, high performing WAN (Wide Area Network) or simply need to get more from your current solution or provider, then why not make a start now by calling the team at Evoke Telecom on 0800 8403688 or send us an enquiry through our contact form to learn more?

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