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Leased lines managed internet access

In leasing your own lines, you secure personal 1:1 service for your voice and data, uncontended (your bandwidth is not shared with anybody else) and synchronous (same speeds for data up and down) be your requirement a small 2Mb line or a substantial 1Gb pipe.

Leased lines and managed internet access

Fully managed, our service selection includes: installation, a managed business class Cisco router, with your line being monitored every 15 seconds 24/7 at our suppliers NOC (Network Operations Centre) for your security and reassurance.

What’s more you can manage your bandwidth requirements, be it up or down, month by month – ensuring optimum performance and cost management for your business.

We also offer direct connection options between your other offices and premises. PTP (point to point) connectivity enables you to connect some or all of your other properties back into your head office or perhaps out to an offsite data centre, privately, securely and without having to share any bandwidth with anyone else.

Can we help?

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