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Would your Accountant take you into ‘The Dragons’ Den’?

Dragons' den

Paul Layte, Evoke Telecom customer and provider of Digital Accountancy Services, received an interesting call last year from one of his other customers, the guys from the start up Micro Towel venture ‘Dock and Bay’. In short, the message was ‘Paul, we been accepted on the BBC series ‘Dragons’ Den’, and need your help to prepare’.

Now most would be slightly phased by this request, but as CEO and Founder of Next Level Business and also a Business Mentor for Virgin StartUp – this sat right smack in the middle of Paul Layte’s comfort zone.

Many late night candles were burnt as the team prepared for their baptism of fire in ‘The Den’. Here is a video sharing some information as the team prepared for the big day:

Join Paul Layte and Andy Jefferies, one of the founders of Dock & Bay, to see the behind the scenes thoughts on what it was like to apply, how the process went and what Paul did to help them prepare.
Needless to say, the team were a massive success, securing bids from two of the Dragons and ultimately an investment for 10% equity from one of the show’s best known Dragons. Can you guess which Dragon invested? Watch this second video and all will be revealed.

With the battle finished, Paul Layte sits back down with Andy Jefferies, Co-Founder of Dock & Bay, to relive the Dragons’ Den experience.

Since securing the support of their Dragon, the team and the business at Dock & Bay have gone from strength to strength. This summer the team have a strategy and planning day at their Dragon’s house – and of course are taking their much-valued Accountant and now great friend Paul Layte along too.

So, how far would your Accountant go to help your business, and would they take YOU into ‘The Dragons’ Den’?