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Whoops – The Samsung Fold launch delayed

Samsung fold

Ouch, there’s dropping the ball and there’s dropping the ball!

Following the amazing hype, market teasers and the eventual high-profile launch of the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Fold, (Samsung’s new folding handset) ~ it appears that the manufacturer has hit a technical glitch and as a result has postponed the launch until further notice.

Originally due to launch to the UK market on Friday 3rd May, priced at around £1600, the fold is one of the most eagerly awaited devices ever. However, Samsung have experienced a glitch which could prove to be a major design and manufacturing fault!

So – what has happened? Well, earlier this month Samsung ‘seeded’ devices, to reporters and the press, for them to trial, assess and evaluate. All went well for the first day or two, then apparently reports started coming in of screens cracking or damaging at the fold point. News of the problem spread around the internet like wildfire as tweets, posts and videos appeared showing broken and damaged Galaxy Fold units.

Samsung fold tweet

Samsung, shocked by this development sprang into action and immediately recovered the trial devices. “The handset has been designed to withstand upwards of 200,000 folds in its lifetime”, they announced. Needless to say, this was a great shock for the global technology giant.

Samsung are hard at work behind the scenes taking corrective actions and the ‘word on the street’ is that a new launch date will be announced soon.

As always – watch this space. One thing is for sure, Samsung will get it right and it will be very popular when it at last arrives!

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