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What can AI really do for your business right now?

Artificial intelligence communications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Bringing AI to the every day.

Artificial Intelligence or AI, is fundamentally re-shaping the way we live and work, making us more productive and efficient in our jobs.

When you perform a Google search, the search engine uses intelligent algorithms to figure out what you want to see so you don’t spend forever sorting through irrelevant results. When you ask Siri or Amazon Alexa what the weather is going to be like at the weekend, the virtual assistant uses natural language processing and understanding to collect information from your query and generate a response.

AI has firmly made its way into the telephone system and contact centre space and is already being actively used in 8 out of 10 businesses to improve effective customer engagement and experience.

Telecoms is one of the fastest growing area for AI used to both improve customer experience and support as well as predictive maintenance to improve network reliability.

Forrester predicts that investment in AI will increase more than 300% over the next year.

Where are we seeing examples of some of our Evoke customers using AI?

Auto Attendant – Is the most-simplest form of AI. Customers can simply, in their own language (one of 16 supported languages) ask to speak to a specific person or department and using natural language speech recognition, the telephony solution can route the customer to the right place, without the need for any human intervention or complex and lengthy menu options (press 1 for this, 2 for this etc.)

Self Service options – First, intelligent algorithms can quickly and automatically find the right information for customers in the quickest times by delivering self-service options. In other words, AI gives your customers a change to answer their questions themselves before they interact with a live customer services representative. AI self service solutions can also provide support and self-service solutions around the clock. This will enable businesses to provide automated “always-on” support, available 24/7, supporting customers that can’t always make contact during normal business hours.

By 2035 AI technologies are expected to improve productivity in business by up to 40%.

Support for Customer Service employees – Not only is AI great for helping customers, it can give customer service representatives more information to help them handle problems quickly, delivering faster resolutions to customers. The telephone system can also ensure that the customers are directed to the right customer service representative that has the full knowledge to support their query, reducing the frustration of passing customers from one team to the next.

Customer Experience (CX) – We can use software that’s capable of listening to calls and deciphering the impact that certain words or phrases have on a customer’s emotions. Artificial Intelligence can detect the sentiment of a customer and provide actionable advice on how a customer services representative can improve the customers experience in seconds. Artificial Intelligence can also analyse customer data and not only help companies upsell and cross-sell relevant products but also develop better products and services,  marketed to their customers in the way they want to be marketed to.

In summary, artificial intelligence has thus far enabled the telecommunications industry to extract insights from data, made it easier to resolve issues, manage daily business more efficiently and provide improved customer service and satisfaction. This provides us with a great example of how adopting AI isn’t just beneficial to business, it plays a significant part in each company’s success, growth and ability to compete with competitors.

By 2030 experts predict that the value of AI, in general, will reach around $15.7 trillion. That’s more than the output of India and China put together.

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