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What are the benefits of an effective Video Conferencing strategy?

Video conferencing

Video conferencing is becoming ever more popular as companies look to improve flexible working opportunities and effective long-distance communication for their employees and their customers.

Many years ago, video conferencing was simply not affordable for most companies as it required a multi-thousand-pound investment with dedicated conference room equipment and facilities. However, today with the availability of superfast broadband and cloud technologies, video conferencing is both affordable and easy to use.

According to Avaya, organisations will potentially use multiple meeting room solutions going forward. This will lead to an increasing demand for solutions that play well together. Avaya’s tools are designed to work regardless of the platform you plug them into.

Avaya Equinox Meetings Online is a cost effective, subscription based hosted cloud offering providing fast, easy and cost-effective access to everything you need for Video, Audio, Screen Sharing & Collaboration.

Avaya Equinox Meetings Online is accessed via a simple link. No need to download any software.

Investment in video cameras, web cameras and speakers are also entirely down to customer choice. You might wish to integrate what you already have or select from Avaya’s range of huddle room options through to full board room equipment. Should you find that some of your conference participants are not able to access a PC or Web Cam at the time of the call, there is an Audio option where you can simply dial in using a local telephone number with pin code entry.

Huddle rooms and pop-up meeting areas will continue to become favoured over boardroom-style meetings in this new work environment.

One of the biggest challenges for all meetings is audio projection and picking up individual comments from participants in a large room. Not a problem, just link the solution into your conference phone or even upgrade to something exciting like the amazing Yealink CP960.

At a time where Microsoft are very much in transition mode from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, this gives you a sure-fire option using futureproof equipment and AI (artificial intelligence) at an extremely affordable cost. You also don’t need to be running an Avaya system to subscribe to Equinox Meetings Online, giving you complete independence now and in the future.

From cancelling out distracting noises and automated meeting transcripts through to using human recognition to optimise meeting performance, AI is changing the way we collaborate.

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