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Training our Avaya IP Office customers in the education sector

Evoke telecoms training

As we all know, IT departments like to be able to manage and administrate their own systems in house, including their telephone systems. Every time even the smallest change is needed, it takes time and costs money to get a telecoms maintainer to dial in, or visit site to make the changes.

In reflection of this, in August we invited some of our largest schools and colleges to join us for a free of charge training session on how to manage their own Avaya IP Office telephone system. Attendees included Network Managers through to IT technicians. We also had a mixed bag of Avaya systems in the room, from the usual IP500v2 call server, through to virtualised deployments to both VMware and HyperV. So, as you might imagine the training room was alive with conversation as the teams discussed their differing environments.

Unlike more traditional classroom training sessions, we ran this session using a member of our engineering team, “someone that does, as opposed to someone that tells” it could be said. Tom, who was our trainer for the day, took the guys through all aspects of administration and programming, including a level of system configuration.

“Tom was a fantastic presenter and very approachable, he made the scenario feel relaxing, allowing us all to ask questions when required. The course definitely met my requirements, plus some handy tips and tricks that will help us to become more efficient going forward.”

Gareth Ferris, IT Technician
Reaseheath College

During the working lunch session, we also spent some time introducing Avaya’s latest handsets and gave the attendees a live introduction to Avaya’s new Equinox Unified Communications suite.

Feedback not only during, but also after the session has been wonderfully positive as all attendees felt that they massively benefited from the time that they had invested in joining us. All have now returned to their respective schools and colleges considerably more proficient and as a result more self sufficient on their respective Avaya systems. Now that’s a real WIN / WIN.

Indeed, we are so delighted with the feedback that we are already discussing the next session. Watch this space!

“Having a training session with a practising 3rd line engineer experienced in many installs in a variety of configurations really made the session worthwhile. As well as clearly explaining all the most common and useful types of administration – the additional knowledge of precise workflows, helpful tips, and guidance on what to and what not to do has already been deployed on our site to great effect.” 

James Leeson, Network Manager
Loughborough Schools Foundation

If you’d like to know how we can train your IT team to administrate and program your Avaya IP Office, then please feel free to email us at or smile whilst you dial 01509 278278.