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The Poly Elara 60 – available in May

Poly Elara 60

Around the middle of last year, we introduced you to what we felt was an extremely exciting concept – the Plantronics Elara 60.

For us the POLY Elara 60 (NB the rebranding 😊) is one of the most exciting and flexible alternatives that we have seen coming to the desktop in many years. It has the potential to revolutionise the desktop experience, reignite the whole BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) market and make home working a more credible option for millions.

Did you know that globally 500 million people use their smartphone at work and 1/3rd of those users actually use their handset for their job function? Like WOW!

We are particularly excited as it enables remote connection to the client’s PBX or cloud telephony solution, (via mobile apps), whilst offering a full desktop experience. Fully integrated, you can use: – your mobile, a speakerphone, a headset (wired or wireless) or the handset itself. What is more, you don’t need a networking point, any PoE or even a 3rd party user licence on your system~ It’s just fire up your remote app, enable Bluetooth and away you go.

What is more it also interoperates with Microsoft Teams… how exciting is that!

Our article generated a lot of interest last year, and ever since then we have been waiting on tenterhooks for a launch date. And apparently, the wait is over as collateral and launch information is finding its way into the market, with devices being available in May – Hurrah!

Yay – we are so excited and cannot wait to get a unit on trial in our offices.

We plan to run several user tests, which we will share with you in blogs and newsletter articles so you can watch how we get along as you consider whether the Elara might be the device for you. Watch this space ~ there is plenty more to come.

If like us, you too cannot wait, or if you want information and pricing, or just want to see the ‘Poly’ Elara 60 unit yourself, why not drop us a line at [email protected] or give us a call on 01509 278278.

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