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The new HTC Exodus 1 – the world’s first #BITCOIN smartphone

HTC Bitcoin Smartphone

We love to share new and exciting things that are happening in the world of technology and in particular the world of telecommunications and connectivity. So, when we heard about the new HTC Exodus 1 we simply could not resist grabbing some details to share with you.

HTC are about to launch the world’s first cryptocurrency smartphone. Yep, you did read that correctly – a BITCOIN telephone – we kid you not!

What exactly is a BITCOIN telephone? Well the Taiwanese manufacturer describes it as ‘a hardware wallet in your pocket’ – actually where else would you put your wallet – and P.S. can it be a purse too, please?

HTC have developed their own cryptocurrency wallet, called Zion, which acts as the secure platform against which bitcoin activity can be managed. By running a separate second operating system in parallel with the traditional Android OS, the Exodus 1 can securely manage cryptocurrency activities and dealings for the user away from the less secure Android environment. So, by integrating blockchain technology HTC have managed to secure the user’s information and assets on a mobile device – very impressive. In essence a secure node for Bitcoin transaction in your pocket.

This offers something very new and, to be fair, extremely impressive for those already using or seriously looking into the benefits of blockchain technology. But, of course, the Exodus 1 has to operate just like any other premium smartphone too – so needless to say it come with an impressive specification which includes:-

  • A super 16 megapixel dual rear and an 8 megapixel ‘selfie’ camera with 4K video
  • A qualcom snapdragon processor with 6Gb of RAM and a massive 128Gb storage
  • A large 6 inch display with HD+ picture resolution

The Exodus 1 will be available in for pre -order in December, in up to 34 countries including the UK but interestingly NOT in China – HTC stating that this is because China ‘have their own rules’.

Should you wish to get your hands on this techno-baby then then guess what – you will only be able to buy it in Cryptocurrency. Clearly HTC are directly targeting their key audience – the bitcoin community.

And the price? Well the Exodus 1 can be yours at the bargain price of 0.15 bitcoin which is about £750.00 at my high street bank 😊