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COMING SOON: The slightly unusual but very interesting Plantronics Elara 60

Plantronics Elara 60

Being a leading global headset manufacturer, it came as something of a surprise when we heard about the Elara series 60 mobile phone desk station.

We have of course seen mobile phone units before, most notably the Avaya E169 Media station, which looked slightly like something out of the TV show ‘Space 1999’.

Avaya E169 Media station

However, with the new Elara 60, Plantronics might have ‘cracked’ it. We think that this at last might be a practical and acceptable device to sit on your desk.

The handset will sit in its own docking station and become an integral part of a 3-piece telephony solution: – the smartphone, the desk phone and a wireless Bluetooth headset. The docking station offers speakerphone and of course charges up your smartphone whilst it is docked.

Elara 60
Elara 60
Elara 60

And what is more, with it being a Plantronics, there will never be any shortage of headset options, be it wired or the global winner that is the ‘Voyager’ single earpiece device.

So, what do you think? Could you see yourself docking your mobile phone when you get into the office and donning a headset or pressing the speakerphone button when your next call comes in? Not for everyone we are sure, but we suspect there will be some folk who see this as the answer they have been looking for.

The downside (there is of course always a downside), is that this will not be an integrated part of your company phone system as a docking station. But of course, we are sure wily IT managers will work their way around this. One solution could be to put a system manufacturer mobile app (like UCS from Ericsson-LG or One X / Equinox from Avaya) on the smartphone and hey presto, the device is a fully integrated part of your company phone system.

“Extension 102, Daniel speaking, how can I help you?”

As with all new tech, time will tell. And needless to say, the team at Evoke Telecom will keep you all updated. I’m pretty sure we will grab one and let our techie boys have a play – should be fun 😊