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“It’s my way or the HuaWei” as Google cuts off Huawei phones from future Android updates

It’s been gently simmering away on the stove in the background, but you can’t help

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The long-awaited BT re-brand

Well, it’s becoming a bit of a thing with us writing all about brands and

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Avaya Cloud

Avaya launches its Cloud Telephony offering into the SME space

Avaya deepens Google relationship and launches Cloud Platform – 2 exciting pieces of news!  We

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Telecoms contract

When a contract end date is not a contract end date

Month in and month out we experience the frustration of clients who thought that they

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April 2019 telecoms update

Evoke Telecom April 2019 updates

Welcome to our April newsletter, at the end of a month that delivered one of

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Mike completes London Marathon

Friend of Evoke Mike Newell completes his London marathon run for SCOPE

A massive Evoke Telecom ‘Whoop Whoop’ and well done to friend of Evoke Mike Newell

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Tuff T500

TUFF Phones launch the new TUFF T500

Just as Samsung were planning the launch of their new Folding device – the technical team at TUFF were busy launching the exciting new T500.

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Samsung fold

Whoops – The Samsung Fold launch delayed

Ouch, there’s dropping the ball and there’s dropping the ball! Following the amazing hype, market

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Poly Elara 60

The Poly Elara 60 – available in May

For us the POLY Elara 60 is one of the most exciting and flexible alternatives that we have seen coming to the desktop in many years.

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Plantronics and Polycom rebrand as POLY

But what happens when someone says they had the idea before you? We are all

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