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October updates

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We hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful and often times bracing Autumn weather. The ‘what to wear’ order of the day seems to be warm jacket and sunnies at the moment – not confusing at all!

As both Halloween and Bonfire night approach, many of the shops seem to be ramping up for Christmas. Is it really that close already?

For sure, October has not been a good month if you commute into London. Wednesday 17th saw utter chaos as 100s of metres of lines became detached on the route into Paddington, creating massive challenges for anyone coming into or leaving London on the Great Western Railway. Not to be outdone, the following Wednesday 23rd saw Euston experience a major signal failure, which meant once again chaos ensued. This for us raised the question around remote working and business continuity (BC) – so, we have added a small piece this month just to explain what some of your business options might be.

Well, with the school holidays over, you would think that things might have quietened down a tad for us here at Evoke. However, nothing could be further from the truth as October was super busy, welcoming a raft of new customers who chose to join the Evoke Telecom fold. A handful of some of the new customers which we are proud to warmly welcome this month include;-

  • Alzheimer’s Disease International in London
  • Barnett Opticians also in London
  • Ziggi Systems Ltd, an exciting new start-up venture in Berkshire
  • Hallson Ltd, in ever sunny Loughborough
  • Hair by Nelly in Leicester
  • Great Coaching Matters, in Leicester (more about these guys later)
  • …and we have also completed an installation in Belfast at a remote site for one of our service industry customers, with offices across the length and breadth of the UK.

So, as you can see we have been super busy. There’s never a boring day at Evoke, that’s for sure!

If the opposite of boring is exciting, then that’s definitely the best word to describe the start-up that is ‘Ziggi Systems Ltd.’ What an eye-catching new venture this is. The brainchild of Chris ‘Ziggi’ Paul, the Founder and CEO. this wonderful invention (developed for the education sector) helps to keep children safe at school or nursery, helps the management of food preferences and allergies, keep track of kiddies on and off school premises on trips and much much more. We have seen this solution in action and are sooooo excited for it! We will keep you updated with Ziggi news on this in the coming months.

We are very proud to have helped 3 start-up businesses this month and we all feel patriotic as we report that UK plc is alive, well and thriving with entrepreneurial spirit. How fabulous!

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