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October updates

October telecoms updates

Welcome to our October updates, and what a month it has been.

I don’t know about you, but the weather has us completely confused! First, we had a summer where temperatures across Europe broke all known records. Then we had some epic rain storms that caused disruption to service’s up and down the UK. Last month we started our newsletter announcing that we have had to turn the radiators on already following a chilly spell.

And now October 2019, …well, have you ever seen so much rain before in your lifetime? The rain was so bad we even got flooded out of our own offices! Well, when I say our offices – apart from a leak through the roof in kitchen area we were OK – but the access road to our offices was completely flooded with 4ft – yep that’s right – 4ft of water!  Fortunately, we managed to evacuate early in the morning, with one car floating and having to be pushed back to safety – and another 4 x 4 getting through with the water over the bonnet! Some of our fellow businesses on site were not as quick to evacuate as us and got stranded, being rescued by a local farmer or in some cases having to walk a mile across farm land to get to a local village and safety. Wow – so exciting.

Believe it or not, below is a picture of the road into our offices on October ‘rain day’. If you stay between the posts, you’ll be alright 😊.

Evoke offices

Has anybody seen where I left my canoe?

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that our newsletter is a day or two late this month. That is because we were waiting for the Rugby World cup final and hoping we would be celebrating an England win. Especially after the demolition that the delivered to the All Blacks in the semi-final. But alas it was not to be, as the Bokka turned on a performance of power and control to break northern hemisphere (well most anyway) hearts. We just hope that 2003 for rugby does not become the football fans’ 1966. Oh my, what a thought.

Anyways, not to be put off  #44 or Lewis Hamilton as we prefer to call him, delivered yet another Formula 1 World Championship for England and the UK. What a truly amazing performer Lewis is, this being his 6th Championship and 3rd on the trot! In the history of F1 only one man has delivered more – the incredible Michael Schumacher with 7 titles. Nearly there Lewis!!

Lewis Hamilton #44, World Champion for the sixth time

To wrap up the sport section, we couldn’t sign off without mentioning the amazing record equalling premiership victory win by Leicester City at Southampton 9-0. Oh, my I bet the Southampton dressing room experienced the so called ‘Hairdryer’ treatment after that game!!

So, back to business and what’s in store for our loyal readers this month? Well, as usual we will be bringing you a story about how we have helped one of our customers. This month it’s Freidman FM, a Facilities Management company in Hertfordshire. We will bring you up to date with something new in tech – a foldable tablet no less, hmmm. Plus, we thought we would add to the festive fun with a suggestion as to how you can bring a bit of ‘Santa festive cheer’ to your calling customers, and why not? Plus, there’s an update on how we did at the 2019 CNA Comms National Awards.

Thank you once again for the fabulous feedback from our September newsletter and for taking the time to provide valuable insight into the topics you would like Evoke to cover in future editions.

Coming next month, we will share the output from the industry leading Comms Vision 2019 event which we have been invited to attend.


Key themes for Comms Vision will be:

Digital Britain – How the telecoms industry can support its customers to build a coherent strategy to support them through the departure from legacy copper infrastructure (BT 2025 digital line cut off) through the next generation fibre and 5G infrastructure.

Comms Vision 2019 seeks to accelerate change in Digital Britain

Comms Vision will take the exploration of fibre and 5G further and examine how they enable great advances in applications and tech like VR, AR, mixed reality and the IoT – and how these technologies are likely to impact your customers and your business.

Comms Vision will also shine a light on how next generation wireless connectivity will reshape our approach to all markets, driven by Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC), Network Slicing, multi-gigabit-per-second speeds and the Tactile Internet.

Furthermore, it will explore how 5G advances the ultimate goal of seamless converged connectivity, connecting customers to a network that intelligently links 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and full fibre.

We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you from this prestigious event.

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