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March 2019 update

Evoke telecom march update

Welcome to our March update, coming at the end of what has been quite a month for the UK. Needless to say, we are not going to use the dreaded ‘B’ word, so here are some of the other more local things that have been going on.

For a majority of UK companies both big and small, March signals the end of the financial year. Up and down the land sales teams have been putting in that extra 50% trying to secure every last possible order to both make the company order book strong for the new year and in many cases to squeeze in those extra few pounds of sales commission. Meanwhile in the company Accounts department, teams have been busy chasing unpaid invoices and getting the company accounts ‘spick and span’ for Friday 29th at 17.30. Needless to say, that’s exactly how it was as here at Evoke Telecom as we worked hard to tidy everything up for a nice and shipshape year end. Kind of like a Spring Clean really 😊 ~ what was March like in your business?

For much of the month, the UK was overshadowed somewhat by events in Westminster. But do not fear, we are not going to drop the ‘B Bomb’ into our newsletter but move to the next letter in the alphabet – the letter ‘C’. That is because if anything the focus at Evoke Telecom in March was more alphabet progressive – as we focused more on charity and charitable giving. But more about that later.

We start our March sporting update with the round ball – and what an indifferent month it has been for the East Midlands. Only Leicester City, under new manager Brendon Rodgers have shown any positive form, winning 3 of their 4 fixtures in March – well done City! Our other local teams, Nottingham Forest, and both Counties (Notts and Derby) returned an even mix of wins, draws and losses in their March matches ~ so 50% or a firm grade C on the report card. Turning to the egg shaped ball – alas the Tigers poor form has continued with just one win in 3 matches played, taking the scalp of the Wasps at the beginning of the month. Here’s to a more successful April for all our local teams.

Away from the sporting fields, and back in the office, March was also a month when we spent much time looking forwards and took some time to explore what the ‘over the air’ (OTA) experience might look like in the coming months and years. 5G we are told is just around the corner! “And what’s so exciting about that ?!” we hear you say …. Well read on and we will share exactly why this might be interesting times for businesses in the UK.

So, as you can see, this month’s update is a tad more product and technology focused than usual. However, it is a new year and as such now might just be the time to start thinking about some changes that might enhance your business. Maybe there is a super little lightbulb moment just perfect for you? Who knows? And if not, well we simply hope you enjoy our content and have a super read 😊

So, without further ado, here are the articles that we are delighted to serve up for you, which includes a slight change to the usual format. Also, at the end we just wanted to share news on a couple of close ‘Friends to Evoke Telecom’ that are taking on some awesome, in fact gargantuan tasks for charity.

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Thanks as always for the super feedback – we feel so positive about the wonderful response that we get each month about our newsletter/updates, thank you! As always, enjoy, we hope you all have a super read.

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