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Managing your conference calls with Invosys


What is Number Manager Conferencing and how can it help your business?

  • Number Manager has the ability for users to easily create and manage audio conferencing services.
  • Audio Conferencing can be set up on any number type, including international numbering, and allows users to assign multiple numbers to the same conference service, thus providing local access for all participants involved on the call, whether they be based in the UK or overseas.
  • Bespoke Welcome Messages – Messages can be uploaded giving personalised introductions and to ensure the service accommodates any branding requirements.
  • Conference Call Recording – All conferences can be recorded, and as with all our other Smart Control services these recordings can be stored online, emailed to desired recipients or sent directly to any FTP server.
  • Security – In terms of conference security, an access PIN is generated by the system to ensure users do not join another conference call accidentally. If additional security is required it is possible to add in a second level entry system by also generating a conference ID.
  • Host Controls – Conference Hosts can generate a separate PIN for themselves in order to ensure the conference does not begin without their attendance. This is particularly useful when a conference call is involving clients and third parties, helping to ensure the host has full control of the meeting and discussion points.
  • Name Recording – Participants in the conference calls can record their names to be announced as they join the call so the host can easily track attendance.

Why use Conferencing?

  • Reduce Costs and Travel. Whether it be an internal or customer meeting, conferencing can bring people together without the cost of travel and accommodation. With more and more businesses promoting flexible working conferences are becoming even more popular meeting options.
  • Increased Productivity. Not only can travel to meetings be expensive but it also takes time. Conferencing offers a far more efficient way to manage your diary meaning you can fit more into your day
  • Improve Carbon Footprint. Conferencing eliminates the need to travel which contributes to helping your business reduce its carbon footprint
  • Global Access.  Join the conference using geographic and freephone numbers available in over 50 countries
  • New Revenue Opportunities. Conferencing offers resellers a great new addition to Smart Control. Whether offering an on-demand conferencing service or a flexible conferencing solution to customers it offers a new revenue opportunity for all resellers.

Please see below for a link to a great little Invosys video highlighting the key benefits of this solution:

Invosys video

Evoke Telecom’s  ‘Call to Action’

If Invosys sounds of interest to your business or you would like to discuss conferencing and conferencing services in more detail, then why not contact our helpful team by dialling 01509 278278 or if you prefer, you can email the team at [email protected]