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Keeping everything together

Frustrated with phone lines and phone system

Why is it better to have your telephone calls and lines with your system provider and does it really matter?

When we install a brand new telephone system for a customer we can sometimes find that they already have their telephones lines in contract with someone else. Or, we find that they have been with good old BT for 100s of years and don’t really want to change.

When we suggest that it is better all round to have both your system and lines with the system provider, we can be met with a degree of shall we say ‘scepticism’. You know, that ‘sideways’ look.

So, is this a good idea and does it really make a difference?

We think it is and this is why. When your telephone calls suddenly stop working or you have a crackling line, or calls cutting out after say 5 seconds, you need to call someone to get it fixed. But how do we know if it is the lines or the telephone system that is at fault? The danger is that both will tell you to give the other company a call first!

How frustrating!!

We’ve had two good examples of this already this year.

The first was a Cheshire taxi cab company where calls were ringing but not getting through or calling customers were constantly getting an engaged tone. Not good for business as a cab firm where every call is usually a fare! We moved heaven and earth – including swapping out their system for a new replacement for free! In the end we established (when the new system still had the old problems) that the challenge seemed to be coming from the complicated incoming calls solution another provider had in place. Needless to say, the Taxi Cab company are currently in the process of moving the lines to us.

The second example is a golf club in Yorkshire. Customers were getting through and then getting cut off. Again, we conducted a full range of tests and more, finally advising a change to the line providers settings back at the exchange. At one point the line provider sent an engineer to site and reported that the fault was the telephone system! In the end we called them directly on behalf of our customer and hey ho once they made our suggested changes all has been ‘hunky dorey’ ever since.

So, as opposed to the perceived commercial risk of putting all of your business with one supplier, think about the time benefit and savings on ‘hassle’ when you only have one call to make. Be the problem the telephone lines, the broadband they may be carried on or even the system itself, it only takes one call to get it fixed. Genius!!

Needless to say, if you would like to know more, do give us a call – assuming, of course, that your lines aren’t down at the moment!