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Is your telephone system ready for the Christmas holidays? 

Christmas - telephone systems

As Christmas approaches, the decorations go up in the office, the tree gets dressed in the corner, Christmas cards that you have received from your customers and suppliers get put up ..…. But is your telephone system ready for the Christmas break too?

Ok, so when we say is your telephone system ready, obviously we don’t mean has it been decked with baubles and wearing a hat 😉. What we mean is, have you considered what you will need to do with your system so that it manages calls exactly as you want it to during your Christmas and New Year holidays?

Here is a little checklist that might help:-

  • Will you phone system automatically know which days your offices are open and which days they will be closed – or does it need programming for this?
  • Do you need a different ‘our offices are closed’ greeting recorded to your telephone system for callers during the Christmas and New Year break?
  • Would it help your business to pre-warn customers of your Christmas working hours maybe via an updated and professionally recorded ‘on hold marketing message’?
  • Or perhaps you would just like a nice Christmassy ‘on hold recording’ for December?

If you do need any engineering work on your system to get it set fair for the Christmas and New Year breaks, then please do call us so that our engineers can get you booked in nice and early for what is always a very busy schedule.

You know what to do – call the tech guys on our dedicated service line 0344 8118727 or drop the sales guys a line on [email protected]