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Is one broadband connection enough? 

No internet broadband

Following a recent audit of broadband across our base of customers,  we established that only 31% of them had more than 1 broadband connection. So, by default that means that the other 69% are wholly dependent upon the performance and availability of a single connection to run their business.

But, why is that a concern, why might that be important?

We’ve all heard the one about the digger going through the cable, or the local BT exchange kit going down…. But surely that never happens, or does it? Well, do you know what, it does as you can see below, where both of these events have happened to our customers over the last 12 months:-

An outage experienced just 4 weeks ago by a customer on 30th May 2018 due to a trencher going through a cable connected to one of our customers in Gloucestershire.

July last year we had another circuit go down when cooling kit failed at a BT Exchange near Luton in Bedfordshire. In that instance our customer lost their internet between Friday and Monday.

In both cases I’m pleased to say that our customers had secondary failover broadband in place and so had the ability to continue their business operations whilst network repairs took place.

But, as we become more and more dependent upon internet and cloud services, more dependent upon increased bandwidth and in many cases dependent upon our broadband link for our telephone calls. What would you do if you had a serious outage of your broadband services?

So, ask yourself, what would happen if my internet had a serious service effecting incident? How would it impact my business? How much would a secondary internet connection cost and how does that compare to the financial impact that no internet service might have on my business?

A prediction? By this time next year 69% of our customers will have a secondary broadband line and the other 31%? …. Well they will be waiting for theirs to be installed.

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