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Information on hold

Information on hold

Driving Customer Experience, Opportunities and Brand Awareness 

Despite today’s ever-expanding choices of how you communicate with friends, family and businesses, many of our new and existing customers still rely heavily on the telephone as the most popular way of communicating.

We do have a little chuckle or sometimes a snooze when we hear some Information on Hold messages. In today’s world, we all want to get to the right person in the quickest possible time that can help with the question or solution we require, whilst having a jolly good experience to boot! Putting calls on hold is inevitable. A massive 70% of all business calls are placed on hold for an average of 30 seconds.

What is our experience often like when we are put on hold or queuing for a department?

First hand – we can re-count many examples of valiantly sitting through boring beeps, shocking silence or monotonous lift music, sometimes at the end of long automated options for selecting the right department to speak to (IVR). Once you have sat through 6 repeat cycles of Ping Pong remix 1994, how are you feeling? How inclined are you to want to talk to this business unless you absolutely have no choice? If there was ever a time to create a solid on-hold marketing strategy, it is now.

At Evoke, we don’t just see professional Information on Hold as a nice to have – we see it as an essential part of the caller experience and the perfect opportunity to represent your brand, create the right impression and introduce new value to your callers, whatever industry you represent.

On hold information shortens the perception of time spent on hold, which reduces caller abandonment, whilst telling existing or potential customers about your products and services.

  • What do you do?
  • What services do you provide?
  • Do you have any special offers or promotions?
  • What is unique about your business?
  • Why should your potential customers want to choose you?
  • What could your existing customers benefit from?

Here are 4 whopping stats about Information on Hold/On-hold Marketing:

  1. 30% of callers make a buying decision after hearing an on-hold message.
  2. Businesses can experience a 50% increase in request for additional products/services mentioned on hold.
  3. 80% of caller prefer On Hold messaging versus silence or music.
  4. Many UK call centres report that without On Hold information, over 60% of callers will hang-up in less than one minute and not call back (ouch!!).

Simply put….

Information on Hold or ‘Marketing on Hold’ = improved customer service, margin opportunities and brand awareness.

Monotone ‘ping pong’ music = down with the dark ages – a missed opportunity!!

For more information, please speak to one of our lovely team [email protected] or CLICK HERE and have a play with our Information on Hold tool to see what you can create. We can also offer professional voice overs too if you want to crank up the professionalism even further!!