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Evoke Telecom April 2019 updates

April 2019 telecoms update

Welcome to our April newsletter, at the end of a month that delivered one of the sunniest and warmest Easter Bank Holiday weekends ever witnessed in the UK. And wasn’t it wonderful as we all dusted off barbecues, filled the paddling pools and sun burnt our noses sitting far too long (invariably drink of some sort in hand) facing sunshine south, in our gardens? Paradise!

April always is a bit of a strange month as it heralds the end of one business year and the start of another – with a couple of weeks in the middle where the kiddies are off school, and many fly off to sunnier climates in search of the first warm rays of the year. Well, the secret was to book in at ‘stop-at-home-on-sea’ this year, with UK temperatures bettering many of the more popular Mediterranean destinations. Wonderful.

Politics even took a break as the guys n gals at Westminster locked their briefcases in their constituency offices and headed off for what I feel sure must be a much wanted and needed break. With local elections, possible Euro elections, plus the return of Brexit discussions, I think they are going to need to recharge those batteries and come back with vim and vigour for the many late nights that are sure to lie ahead.

Sport wise, April was a very exciting month as we saw two English teams make it to each of the European tournament semi-finals. We all wish Spurs and Liverpool well in the Champions League as they face an exciting and young Ajax team and Lionel Messi’s Barcelona, respectively. Good luck to Chelsea and Arsenal too in the Europa League finals. Oh, I do hope they still let us play in Europe next year once we’ve concluded all these Brexit Shenanigans 😊

At a local level, our football teams have pretty much settled for a mid-table laydown, except for Derby County who are still in with a chance of a playoff spot in the championship. Things remain tense at The County Ground in Nottingham as Notts County need to secure a win away to Swindon and hope other results go their way if they are to remain in the football league. We wish them luck and have our fingers and toes crossed.

Business wise, April has been super busy, with lots of new products for us to evaluate and much work as we bring our new Avaya Cloud proposition to market. But more about that one next month!

In this month’s edition we thought that we might share a couple of product updates, as we look at the new Elara 60 from Poly – the company that emerged from the Plantronics take-over of Polycom. We have taken a look at a clever new headset from JPL – the new Element X500. We think you will like this! We have also taken a look at the new T500, a top of the range ruggedised Smartphone from the team at TUFF phones – looks impressive!

Question: Have you ever had a super idea, only to find that someone else had the idea before you?

I guess we all have. But surely that never happens in the business world between major corporate companies? Or does it? Well, if you’d like to know more then why not read the article about POLY further down in this edition.

Ohhhhh, and did you hear about the problems with the new Samsung Galaxy Fold? If not, then do read on and find out more in our Evoke Informer section.

Plus much much, more! So, as we head into May, a wonderful month with not one but two bank Holiday Mondays in it (yippee!) why not grab a nice cuppa and have a little read. Below is a list of this month’s contents, carefully crafted for your enjoyment 😊

CocktailsRead our April updates here:

Thanks as always for the super feedback – we feel so positive about the wonderful response that we get each month about our newsletter, thank you! As always, enjoy, we hope you all have a super read.

And remember, whatever you do, why not go the extra mile – it’s never crowded!

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