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Evoke January update

Snow shovelWelcome to 2019 and my oh my what a re-entry that was. Before we all knew it 2019 was upon us and for some it already feels like it’s been a long year 😉

Without doubt the biggest January news item has been Brexit. Nope it has not gone away, indeed far from it, as our politicians continue to parry and thrust much to the bemusement of both the EU and the British Public!. What does it all mean for UK businesses? Well, I’m not sure that any of us really know, very disconcerting given that we are less than 60 days from a possible 29th March B’Day … or ‘bidet’ if we are being a tad cynical.

The weather (we always come to this as a deflection after using the dreaded B word) has been for most of the month unseasonably mild. Yet we were all brought back to our senses at the end of the month as winter turned up with a vengeance. And as we all know in the UK, whenever the weather turns cold snowy and icy, we spin into a cyclone of road closures, school closures, transport disruption and a general malaise that threatens to affect business continuity up and down the land.

Did the bad weather affect your business? If it did, we explore what actions you might have been able to take from a communications perspective to limit the impact the bad weather might have on your business next time. It’s in our ‘Informer’ section. See what you think.

Sport in January has been very exciting. On the football pitches the neck and neck Premier League battle continues as Liverpool and Manchester City exchange blows at the top of the table. Local teams are having mixed fortunes. Leicester City desperately seek consistency, sitting midtable and winning as many as they are losing. Nottingham Forest have swapped managers once again and invited the return of the prodigal son, asking Martin O’Neill to take them back to the top and former glories. By comparison the Notts County owner has put the club up for sale after just a couple of years at The County Ground, as the team languish adrift at the bottom of League Two.  Derby County appear to be settling under Frank Lampard’s tutelage and sit just inside those play-off slots.

Tennis has seen Andy Murray struggle with his hip injury, contemplating an earlier than planned retirement – he will be very missed.

And finally, our Cricket Team, who packed their suntan cream and board shorts as the headed off to the Caribbean, only to be given a thorough thrashing in the very first test match. It could be a long tour!

Well, down to business and what we have been up to this month. We won’t bore you with sales tales (yawn), but we have been looking at a few new products that might enhance our offering to you our customers.  Find out more in our ‘Informer’ section about a new wireless WiFi handset for your Ericsson-LG iPECS system and a super little portable conference phone for your Avaya IP Office.

We have also started work on this year’s “Books for Schools” campaign, which is going to be the biggest ever! Targeted for launch on World Book Day 2019, 7th March, we are very excited and can’t wait to share news with you in the coming months.

Without much ado, onwards we go into this month’s content, we hope you all have a super read.

Hey and remember, whatever you do, why not go the extra mile – it’s never crowded!

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