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Ericsson LG Update


The current version of iPECS from Ericsson LG is Unified 2.0.

The new version is Unified 3.0. This software has just been released and we are trialling this in our labs.

Unified 3.0 is made up of 4 key areas: –

  1. Launch of virtualised UCP (vUCP)
  2. Enhanced UCS and overall user experience (UX)
  3. Enhanced applications
  4. New colour display handset

Let’s explore Unified 3.0 in a bit more detail……

Launch of Virtualised UCP (vUCP)

Virtual UCP – software-based call server running in VMware virtual environment.

The vUCP ranges in size from 200-2400 ports and has the same feature set as all existing UCP platforms. You might want to consider a vUCP if you are running multi-sites and you have an MPLS corporate network in place or if you have existing VMware servers for other business applications that you might want to use.

This is really new technology for the Ericsson-LG UCP range, so we will provide more update and details once this is more established and referenceable within the UCP product portfolio and our customer base.

Enhanced UCS and overall user experience (UX)

  • The user experience has been refreshed for the LIP-9000 and the LDP-9200 handset ranges, as well as the UCS and IP Attendant.
  • Handset wise – the main benefits are simplified steps and improved terminology for frequently used features and improved management for missed calls and voicemails.
  • The IP Attendant v2.4 now shows indication of personal groups and the call log synchronises with the operators IP handset. Simple changes as a result of customer feedback.
  • The Emergency/Alarm Call Services have been enhanced, we think these enhancements would be ideal for schools/campus environments, doctor’s surgeries or dentists where safety is paramount.
    • For effective safety management, an automatic call with announcement can play and trigger and external relay contact.
    • An emergency page option has also been added.
  • UCS v6.0 (softphone and mobile client) brings several changes: –
    • Licenses are now user based making additions more flexible and cost effective.
      • Basic – Desktop call control
      • Advanced – Softphone with single log in to Desktop, Mobile or Tablet
      • Power – Multi log in to Desktop, Mobile and Tablet softphones.
    • iOS 10 Callkit is supported providing tight integration with the native iPhone user interface.
      • Answer incoming UCS call on the lock screen.
      • Make UCS calls from the native iPhone app’s contacts, favourites and recent calls.
      • Bluetooth interaction – answer/hang up via Bluetooth.
    • Single extension number and presence across all devices.
    • Supports ‘on demand’ call recording with easy to record and playback function.
    • Call log is synchronised. On previous versions, if you had multiple devices, call would only show as answered on the device you answered on and ‘missed’ for other clients. UCS v6.0 shows ‘answered for all clients’ no matter which device you answered on.
  • Call log for log-out period – You get a call log update when you log in of any missed calls, allowing you to prioritise missed calls and return them at your convenience.

Enhanced applications – iCall suite Update

There are some subtle updates in the latest version of iCall Suite.

  • Icall suite Desktop v6 has been updated in look and feel
    • Allows ongoing support of important features
      • Wallboard alarms and supervisor notifications
      • Agent call control/CTI
      • Contact centre modelling
    • Refreshed look and feel
    • Improvements to installation and configuration process
    • GDPR compliance update to be launched shortly
IPECS phone

New colour display handset – LIP-9040C

  • New Gbit handset with 4.3” colour display
  • Replaces current LIP-9040
  • Current price unchanged £ 295.00 RRP


If you would like any further information or detail on the Ericsson-LG roadmap please do not hesitate to give us a bell on (01509) 278278, option 1.