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Ericsson LG Unified 3.5 & New DECT Handset

iPECS unified

What’s new with Unified 3.5 Software?

There are lots of minor enhancements that ensure the IPECS range is keeping up to date with customer and market demand. 3.5 also supports the new value IP DECT phone. We have put together a summary list below with a little detail on each. The Evoke team think the CRM integration enhancements (RESTful API) is the most exciting part of the release as this increases flexibility with integration to 3rd party systems, improving overall customer experience management


With UCS, you can now integrate with over 120 CRM packages using the UCS-CRM license.  You can search the compatible CRMS’s in the link below.

Other Unified 3.5 Features:

  1. Flexible Paging, combining Live Voice, Pre-recorded announcements and text messages for LDP and LIP phones.
  2. Completely re-implemented Phone Lock function for Digital and IP phones. This provides improved flexibility around endpoint management and usage.
  3. Improved personal CCR (Customer Call Routing) handling for internal calls.
  4. Station Group Differential Ring. This is ideal for informal call centre environments or office teams (example – sales/accounts/marketing) where users can audibly hear when specific group calls are received.
  5. Full Alarm support for Redundancy. It is possible to instigate a Redundancy Alarm which can either give an audible ring or page or an email to inform the relevant users that the system is running in redundancy mode, providing enhanced business continuity functionality.
  6. Even Stronger Passwords (8 to 20-character passwords) – ideal for strengthening security policy for UCP and eMG80 deployments.
  7. Geo-Redundancy Networking – Calls will route to redundant site after Geo-redundancy failover.
  8. Improved Security and Maintenance Logs to assist with diagnosis of problems and attacks.
  9. Keypad tones, options from standard DTMF to completely off.
  10. Original CLI present on Blind Transfer for 3rd Party SIP phone before answering the call. This provides enhanced call management as a system user will see details for the external call as opposed to a colleague calling them. This helps to prioritise call handling.
  11. Further enhancements to Phone Call Logs, you can now log the number of calls that forward to voicemail, or for pages. Ideal for:  Enhanced user management of missed calls / To manage the order of priority call backs. / For validation and verification where it is important to be able to prove that a page has been received. This could be part of a businesses compliancy policy.
  12. Control over how the missed call icon is removed from phone. When enabled the ‘missed call’ mark and icon are removed from the phone display when all missed calls are returned by the user. This provides enhanced management of missed calls and call-backs.