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What is the Digital Growth Programme and how can you benefit?

Digital Growth Programme

Funding towards new technology

If you are looking to introduce or develop new digital systems and technology to improve your businesses performance and productivity, you could qualify for an ICT grant. You may be able to secure up to 40% funding towards the cost of your project.

Some examples of qualifying new technology might be;

  1. Replacing your legacy telephone system to enable support of SIP lines to replace ISDN/Analogue lines.
  2. Upgrade your Broadband to New Superfast Fibre driving increased productivity, speed and agility.
  3. Implementing a contact centre with multi-channel services such as web chat; email and social media.
  4. Installing Call Recording to measure, manage and improve customer service.
  5. Improving business productivity and reducing travel costs by embracing video conferencing.

Evoke are working with several businesses that are either mid-way through the grant approval process or have successfully secured grant funding so please do talk to a member of the sales team for more information and guidance. Evoke can also run an immediate check to ascertain if Superfast Broadband is available for your business premises.