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Could a voice call be your ultimate security?

Computer hacker

We are constantly being told that in business communications terms ‘voice is dead’, but in this world of cyber scam and cyber threat we ask might it not be the ultimate saviour?

“Madness!” you say “what are these people going on about?” we hear you ask. But picture this. One of the most successful scams of recent times has been that where spoofed emails encourage employees to authorise payments from apparently bona fide internal email instructions. That email where the Managing Director asks for many £000s to be paid to ‘XYZ’ urgently!  Many companies have lost £10,000s in these scams with the poor person that made the payment getting into very serious trouble. So here’s the idea. Why not pick up your phone and call the apparent email sender be it the MD/Chairman/FD or whoever and just double check it was indeed from them. Simple.

What is more, we are often hearing about an increase in bank fraud, much of which where criminals have called the bank themselves pretending to be husband, spouse or authorised company director. These days banks call record these transactions or attempted interventions. So, when you call the bank (usually the Fraud Team alas) it is very simple for them to pull up the call recording of the attempted fraudulent action and compare that voice to yours – the bona fide account holder that they are now talking to.

So, in a world where we are being driven more and more on-line, don’t forget about good old-fashioned voice. It still has a very important job to do and, in many scenarios, could serve as your ultimate cyber security check.

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