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Business Lock-Down Checklist ~ Managing Incoming Calls.

Keeping your Business Connected – Incoming Calls.

In a new series of blogs on keeping your business connected during the lock-down period – today we look at managing your incoming calls.


As a country we are now moving into week two of the nationwide lock-down. To help, we thought we would put together a simple checklist of hints and tips on managing incoming calls from your employees, customers, suppliers or even parents.

So, what are the options for getting your customer calls to your teams at their homes.

    1. Diverting your telephone lines. You can easily have a divert put onto your telephone lines. Theses will re-route your incoming calls to a single designated landline or mobile number.
    2. Diverting calls from your phone system.  You can have a divert programmed onto your telephone system for incoming calls. These can be diverted by telephone number or DDI. They can be routed to a single landline or mobile number per each company telephone number that you have. You can also have a divert programmed by extension or individual desk phone. This will require engineering time and remote access to your phone system. 
    3. Putting a message on your phone system. You can have a message put onto your telephone system. There are some professional recording companies that can do a super job of this for you should you wish. This will require engineering time and remote access to your phone system.
    4. Diverting calls to multiple mobile telephones. If you are a  SIP user this will give you some additional options. Some SIP providers are able to put a cloud solution ‘in front’ of your SIP lines (our Gamma Product is called SIP trunk call manager). This will enable you to divert incoming calls to a series or mobile telephones or landlines, all at once or in a chosen hunt sequence. If you would like to manage your call routing yourself you can do this via your own user portal.  These do need engineering set up but are wonderfully flexible once in place.
    5. Enabling your teams to receive incoming calls whilst at home. A simple solution to this conundrum is via mobile telephones. We for example are able to provide temporary 30 day mobile SIM cards on O2, EE and Vodafone. These SIM’s come with unlimited calls and text messages and are being offered at very supportive prices. It’s our way of helping companies the length and breadth of the UK as we all work through this current situation. If needed we also provide great value Samsung or other brand Android OS handsets.
This is the first in what will be series of helpful blogs – so do keep your eyes peeled for our next post.


If you need any help at all with any of the above – or indeed anything else then please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be contacted either by phone on 01509 278278 or by email at [email protected]  or you can find us on twitter @evoke_telecom.


~ Stay Safe, Stay Home and please do Stay Well ~ the team at Evoke Telecom

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