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Broadband universal service becomes a thing in the UK


As regular readers of our newsletter, or those who follow us on social media, will be well aware, here at Evoke Telecom we have been banging on about dreadful broadband speeds in the UK since Noah was in short pants!

So, the latest news from Ofcom on new broadband minimum speeds is sweet music to our ears. This great news is that Ofcom has officially launched the broadband ‘universal service obligation’, that is targeted at entitling everyone to decent broadband.

Now when we say ‘decent’ broadband ~ the minimum download speed required of a broadband connection under this scheme is 10 Mbps. Now, you would think that delivering that as a minimum wouldn’t really be a problem for OpenReach wouldn’t you, especially as the obligation doesn’t kick-in until March of next year. However recent research would suggest that there are as many as 600,000 homes and businesses that still don’t have broadband up to that standard. Dreadful isn’t it! Well, BT’s answer to this log jam is the suggestion that rural locations use fixed EE mobile network SIM cards for their broadband supply. A suggestion that is fully supported by those wise sages in Westminster.

“Connecting the UK with decent broadband is absolutely key to ensuring that Britain’s digital infrastructure is fit for the future,” .. “Fixed Wireless Access is already transforming people’s lives, providing a fast and reliable service that means they can do everything from everyday online tasks like banking or shopping to streaming films or playing games. There’s still lots more to be done, but this is a positive step forward in the right direction.”

John Lamont MP, Chair of the All-Party Broadband and Communication Group.

Genius suggestion, after all we always get high quality, superfast seamless 4G mobile whenever we trek out into the rural wilds, don’t we!

For us, the thing that is most frustrating is that BT, the protagonist in driving everyone towards VoIP, is struggling to provide the broadband services people need. Come that day in 2025 when traditional PSTN access services are turned off, we will all need suitable broadband to facilitate the move to IP calling over the internet. Come on Openreach – get a wiggle on!

Evoke Telecom’s ‘Call to Action’

Well, not to fear (too much) as all is not lost. Here at Evoke Telecom we have a wide range of internet broadband connectivity products available from basic ADSL circuits right the way through to high bandwidth dedicated internet circuits. We supply available services from the UK’s top providers including BT, Gamma, TalkTalk and Virgin. So, if you are concerned that your current service might not be the best that you can receive, or perhaps isn’t as keenly priced as you feel it might be – then give us a call! What is more, the prices of private dedicated circuits are really starting to come down to very affordable levels. Might a private circuit be the answer that you are looking for?

So, if you would like a free check of what connectivity and internet access services are available in your area why not give our super helpful team a call on 01509 278278 or whizz them a line at [email protected] ~ we will be delighted to help.