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Books for Schools

Books for schools

School Budget Time. 

February looms and with it comes dreaded ‘Budget Time’ for schools and education establishments across the length and breadth of the UK.

Over the last few years schools have found it tougher and tougher to stretch their budgets. Simple things like buying new books have become a real challenge. Heads and Governors alike are increasingly wrestling to deliver against each line.

Unfortunately, it is often the school library that misses out on funding. Books are simply expected to last longer and longer.

To offer a little help along the way, Evoke Telecom will launch our ‘Books for Schools’ initiative this February. 

We have selected a series of popular children’s authors and topics to create a helpful library boosting parcel. Theses mixed packs of 25 books have been offered to a selection of Primary Schools and Primary Academies.


Michael Morpurgo and Sophie McKenzie

The team at Evoke Telecom are very excited about this program. We simply can’t wait to see the smile on children’s faces as they find these new books in their library.

Included will be books from the likes of; – Michael Morpurgo, Anthony Horowitz, Sophie McKenzie and Lauren Brooke. As parents will know, all of these are great favourites with Primary age students.

‘Small gestures that bring big smiles’

Respite for Heads and Governors. Welcome news for the school Librarian.  But most importantly of all, new books that we hope will bring a big smile to the faces of many Primary School pupils for years to come.

Now there’s a thought for February ~ ‘small gestures that bring big smiles’ 

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