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Avaya Technology Firsts keep the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games connected

As the official supplier of network equipment at the Sochi 2014 XXII Winter Olympic
Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Games, Avaya is providing a full communications experience not only to the athletes, but also to officials, the media, volunteers and of course the fans as well.

Avaya technology will be interconnecting 3 Olympic villages, 11 competition venues, media and celebration centres, Data and Technology operating centres. As a result it is anticipated that with the help of Avaya the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be the most connected Olympic Winter Games in history.

With the massive growth globally in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Avaya are anticipated to be network supporting up to 120,000 mobile devices at Sochi 2014 at any given time. For the first time in Winter Olympic Games history all accredited media will have free access to high speed WiFi services, which has driven the underlying demand for high quality, fast and secure wireless connectivity.

In another first for the Winter Olympic Games, Sochi 2014 will utilise network virtualization to deliver a simplified yet fast and reliable experience. The Avaya Fabric Connect technology has enabled the design & deployment of the Sochi Olympic network within a short timeframe and will also help deliver faster resolution to any issues that might occur. The agility of this technology makes it a formidable tool to manage to the ever-changing and dynamic environment that is the Olympic Games, enabling any last minute move or change request to be completed quickly and without risk. The Avaya solution can also easily accommodate sudden spikes in network capacity – which are common for high profile competition events.

Sochi will also deploy Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) technology to distribute 36 HD video channels to each Olympic venue. Due to the unique ability of the Avaya Fabric Connect technology to distribute video with increased reliability and scale over traditional networking technologies, the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee was able to save money and simplify operations by being able to leverage a common network for voice, data and IPTV services.

Some Impressive Highlights include:

  • 18 months to deploy the network from beginning to end
  • Sochi volunteers and officials will utilize 6,500 IP phones
  • 2,500 Wireless access points will be dispersed throughout the venues
  • Multicast capabilities on the Fabric Connect network will support 36 simultaneous HD IPTV channels
  • 1-2 terabytes of data will be used per day
  • Traditional networking technologies generally take a few seconds for recovery; but for example the Avaya Fabric Connect backbone can recover within 20 milliseconds of an outage or issue.

“Every time the Olympic Family sends a video stream or an image, a tweet or a Facebook post, they will need a robust, fast, modern and highly resilient network infrastructure. That’s what we provide to Sochi. Avaya’s technology powers simple, resilient, agile communications for small businesses up to the largest enterprises, making us the ideal network partner for the Sochi Olympic Winter Games.” said Pierre Paul Allard, Senior VP, Worldwide Sales and President, Global Field Operations, AVAYA

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