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Avaya remove ADI in preference for PLDS


On the 4th February Avaya announced that it is going to discontinue ADI licences for any software pre-release 10.0 software and to discontinue support for any pre 10.00 ADI licences after 29th March 2019.

Sounds very boring doesn’t it? And why would we bother putting something so techie in our newsletter?

Well, for many this represents a massive piece of news that we are concerned lots of small UK businesses might not be aware of. There are many companies out there that have old handsets and old licences on their ADI system. Were these companies to wish to add any new users to their system, wish to increase system capacity or to have a system failure then they could find themselves in a bit of a fix. This is because after 29th March 2019 licence swaps will no longer be available, so any work on your system will require you to buy new licences.

Between 29th March and 4th June you will be able to buy replacement ADI licences, but after that date we’re afraid to report that they will no longer be available.

Therefore, after 4th June 2019, were your system card to fail you would not be able to replace the existing licences on your system without first changing your system storage method to PLDS. PLDS licences are only available from release 10.00 so you would then need to upgrade your system to the latest release 11.00 software. In upgrading to release 11.00 software there are some older handsets that are not supported or may not work on the system anymore – meaning that budget will be required to replace these handsets.

So, as you can see, this is a significant move that could potentially have serious implications were it to be missed.

If you are not sure whether your system is ADI or PLDS, or what software release your system is on – or perhaps whether your handsets would work on release 11.0 then do not worry – simply give or helpful team a call on 01509 278278 or drop us a line at [email protected] we will be delighted to help and guide you.