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VoIP Explained (for the non-techies amongst us)

VoIP - your office, anywhere

For the purists, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. But, what in fact does that mean?

Whereas ‘in the old days’ companies had a telephone line for their calls and an internet connection for their data, VoIP enables voice calls to be made over the internet. It does this by merging two different forms of communication, data and voice, into a single cable. It’s actually the same as sending an email, except you are sending a voice call, using the same cables that connects your business or home to the internet!

OK, how does that work?

To make a VoIP call we now know that we can use the same technology that is used to connect your computer to the internet.

When you send an email, the message gets broken down into packets of data and transported along your data network and out to the internet. VoIP does exactly the same thing, also breaking your voice down into small packets of data, sending them out along the same data network and internet route.

What is so good about that?

The great news is that in theory, if you can send an email or surf a web page, you can make a VoIP call. So, it doesn’t matter where you are. As long as you have a strong internet connection you can make a VoIP call.

In the same way as your computer has a personal ‘mac’ address and is recognised when you log on to the network, VoIP devices have the ability to do the same thing. This enables them to register to the voice network and become a secure part of your company’s telephone system.

So, just as you can receive emails almost anywhere, you will also be able to receive office telephone calls almost anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

But what are the business benefits of this?

One of the greatest benefits is that you can use your existing internet connection, without the need for traditional telephone lines.

If you are using an existing telephone system you might be able to add IP telephone lines, which are much more cost effective to rent, and enable much cheaper VoIP calling charges.

With VoIP, intercompany calls, even between sites and countries can be free of charge.

VoIP has no fixed geographical boundaries. This means you can receive a call made to a geographical number (e.g. a 0115 call to Nottingham) in Truro, Tamworth, Tyneside or even in front of your Television!

Remote workers can have one single number and work as if they were in the office, from a hotel, the airport or even the motorway services.

So why do I need a telecoms company to help me if it’s so simple?

The internet is a bit like a motorway. Sometimes the traffic moves freely and other times there can be traffic jams. What is more, imagine your office cabling as a ‘ring road’, that can sometimes get busy too! For a VoIP call to work properly, it cannot afford to get stuck in any traffic jams. It needs a good clear road ahead or the ability to turn on its siren and get priority with all other traffic moving out of its way when it enters the ring road or internet highway. Continuing with the ‘car analogy’, some data routers have traffic lights that can turn to red and stop all ‘none voice’ traffic when they see a VoIP call is moving along the network.

For a VoIP call to be crisp, continuous and clear the voice data packets cannot afford to be hampered by network traffic or stopped by router traffic lights – or the call will break up and be lost.

This is where a good, reputable and knowledgeable telecoms provider, such as Evoke Telecom Services Ltd. come into their own. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your voice traffic has the necessary routes and internet ‘thoroughfares’ to make it safely on its journey.

If you are considering a VoIP solution, why not contact us for a fact finding meeting. We will take the time to understand you’re business environment and specific needs. Together we can use our expertise to understand more about VoIP and to establish whether it really is the best solution for you and your business.

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