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Beware NEW SCAM alert

A new SCAM has just been highlighted which we are flagging as an early warning to our customers and followers.

The scam begins with a call to your mobile telephone from 020 3519 1534 – which when you answer has no one on the other end of the line.

As this is a land line/geographical number many will call it back as a legitimate ‘missed call’.criminal2

Upon calling back you hear a message explaining that there is a fault on the line currently and can you dial 118820 to be connected through. Needless to say with 118 being a directory enquiries code the set up and per minutes charges are extremely high.

Please also remember the ‘old faithful’ 070 /076 missed call SCAM. 070 /076 are not mobile numbers and could result in you paying premium rate charges perhaps as high as £1.50 per minute!

If in doubt – please feel free to call our friendly team on 01509 278278 where we will be only too pleased to help.