Latest Fraud targeted at UK Small to Medium Businesses Revealed

A new and very worrying telecoms scam has appeared in the UK over the last

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VoIP - your office, anywhere

VoIP Explained (for the non-techies amongst us)

For the purists, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. But, what in fact does

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Person on hold

Why information on hold makes sense

Today’s guest blogger Jen Wiss-Carline from marketing agency Angel Digital looks at why recorded information is a

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Liz Tuccy wealth management

Case study: Liz Tuccy Wealth Management

Our case study shows how we used a cloud telephony solution to help Liz Tuccy Wealth Management achieve a better work-life balance.

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Virtual PA

Case study: The Virtual PA

Virtual PA now have a solution that delivers announced, managed inbound calls on behalf of their clients, & they can adjust the direction and management of these calls instantly.

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Does a small business REALLY need IT support?

Today’s guest blogger Marie Elliott – General Manager at SHBS Ltd. in Leicester offers a very

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Beware NEW SCAM alert

A new SCAM has just been highlighted which we are flagging as an early warning

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Unified communications

Do we REALLY need to be Office based?

This month Evoke Telecom are pleased to welcome back Natalie Thomson as our guest blogger.

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Checking in to a hotel

Telephony making a massive difference in the Hotel and Hospitality sector

It’s that time of year again for the hotel and hospitality industry. Wedding ceremonies and

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Hosted vs Premise Telephony? It’s like buying vs renting a house.

Choosing hosted or premise telephony is a bit like choosing to buy or rent a house. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, suiting some and suiting others. But what if there were a new option where you can flex buying with renting? Well there soon will be an exciting new option that blends both in telephony – hybrid is coming soon!

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